p5d.jp & p5u.jp domains registered by Atlus on April 18

An HD version of P3 was one of the options in their customer survey, so I think it is at least on their radar.
Exactly, considering they put it on the poll before anyone had even voted it in speaks volumes. The handheld versions are the definitive versions in general for every Persona game except 3, where there is still debate.

A definitive edition would rectify this, as well as allow for a dedicated Persona collection on Switch.

You know whats funny about this: every main Persona game has been on a Sony console/handheld, why should I think this one will be any different?
Because Sony lacks both a handheld system that can run Persona 5 without serious cuts in size and quality, and a handheld system that has a proper install base outside Japan.

Vita fans are serious, but there's not enough to make it a smart business decision when the Switch is more powerful and selling far more.(Assuming Sony doesn't money hat Persona Exclusivity.)

If Vita is not feasible or possible, then there's no other choice than Switch, so Switch. I guess nothing is a choice too. Switch is much better than Vita, so it would be preferable on Switch, but it is what it is (or will be).

I don't know if I'd call the recent Vita sales in Japan "selling well," it's been doing what, 5k / week, vs. the Switch's 45k (which is more a reflection of limited inventory than actual demand)?
Even more reason for Atlus to go for the Switch. Unless Sony is planning another handheld that will release in the next year or so, I don't see the point in going with a handheld that's stuck in decline worldwide over one that is only growing.

This is another good point. Even beyond the unanswered question of releasing a large game on hardware that is discontinued (frankly the idea of a big Vita release in the US in 2019 or 2020 is pretty funny), is it really feasible to get the filesize down to 3.3 GBs? And at what cost would that come at? No more multiple VA languages for sure, and plenty of compromises elsewhere, hardware power issues of the Vita aside. Switch has none of those issues, so for the vast majority of people who play it on a handheld, it'd be a far better choice than striping it down for Vita.
Nail, meet head.

I loved P4G on Vita, but P5 needs both more power and space than the Vita is capable of, and deserves more recognition than the install base of the Vita is capable of giving it, IMO.
My preferred p5d game though is *Endgame Persona 5 spoilers*
Persona 5: Defense. I mean Sae does quit being a prosecutor to become a defense attorney. Persona 4 got a fighting game and a rhythm game, an Ace Attorney esque visual novel starring a side character doesn't sound that outlandish.
I never knew I wanted this until now, and I'm going to be horribly disappointed when P5D ends up being Dancing 'Til Night.
Persona 5 is the best received non Nintendo Japanese game in basically a decade.

If Nintendo and Microsoft are not knocking on Atlus' door begging for a port then someone isnt doing their job.

I think its probably a bit early for weird fighting game / dancing game spin offs just yet.

Also it could just be anime.
Holy shit I hadn't seen the PQ2 mention.

Shitty characterizations aside, PQ is the Persona branded game with the best combat and one hell of a game in general.

Please make it with P5, 1 and 2 characters this time!
who am I kidding
persona 5 dancing sounds horrible. there's maybe like 3 songs that you can dance to. the rests arent very dance-friendly songs
To be fair P4 was perfect for the job but Atlus somehow managed to give it a horrible track list full of awful remixes of the same songs that were already in the game in their original form, so this doesn't matter much. The damn thing had like 7 good songs in the end, such a waste.

I can see them re arranging plenty of them to fit a rhythm game with relative ease.
Aside from the fact that a lot of rhythm games have music that couldn't really be considered dance-ready, there are a good number of songs in P5 that would be good to go as is and the rest would probably get remixes like P4 did


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Please don't do Golden. I'd rather they do Fes style content. New adventures for those that finished the game.

The rest of the spinoffs? I'm totally in for.
Why would they charge you only $20 when they could charge you $60? They did it (twice) with P3 and once with P4.
In Japan, they actually *did* sell P3:FES's new story content as standalone.

Also, P3 and P4 were PS2 games. Releasing P3P or P4G's new content without making entirely new packages would've been impossible.
In Japan, they actually *did* sell P3:FES's new story content as standalone.

Also, P3 and P4 were PS2 games. Releasing P3P or P4G's new content without making entirely new packages would've been impossible.
Again, why would they charge you $20-30 when they can upsell you for a full price? Think more what fighting games usually do.
I wouldn't buy a Persona 5 Dancing all Night, but I still want it because the opening to P4DAN is still HOT FIRE.

I can't believe how many more times I looped it compared to Ultimax Suplex's opening.