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Pachter: Wii U will sell out for months (through April 2013)

Video game analyst Michael Pachter has been critical of Nintendo and the Wii U in the past, to say the least. He followed today’s Wii U preview event and tweeted his thoughts during the show. And judging by those tweets, he sounds pretty optimistic. At one point, he says that the Wii U will “sell out through April at least”. He bases this on his expectation that Nintendo will manufacture 1 million Wii U consoles per month, which would mean Nintendo would ship 7 million consoles through March 2013, according to Pachter. And all of them will sell out, reportedly. He adds that he expects the 30% of the Wii U consoles to be allocated to the US, which would be 300,000 consoles per month.

The Wii U will ship in two flavors: a $299 “Base” version and a $349 “Deluxe” version. Regarding the price, Pachter said that he “thinks Nintendo is pricing it right” and that Nintendo has “fervent fans who will buy at this price”. He also predicts that the Wii U will see a price cut in 2013.

On the games side, Pachter was equally impressed. He said that third party support for the Wii U was “pretty solid”, and Nintendo titles looked “high quality”. He also believes that Activision’s support of the Wii U with a lot of casual titles (sans Black Ops 2), signals that “they think the Wii U market is casual”.




Yeah.... I don't think so. Ill eat the crow if need be, idgaf. But although the latest news is nice, I still don't see this thing selling out for months and months. In fact, looking at history, if Pachter wishes them well, this thing is doomed. Sell your stock.


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wait wait wait wait hahaha

So it will be sold out through April but still need a price cut in 2013?

Considering the rest of next gen is likely to be more than $350 at launch, I think Wii U will be just fine.


My aunt & uncle run a Mom & Pop store, "The Gamecube Hut", and sold 80k WiiU within minutes of opening.
Reading between the lines, he is saying he is in posession of info indicating wii u more poweful than people realize.
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