Pacific Rim Uprising - Trailer 1

Horrible music, looked boring, but also very pretty.

I have faith in DeKnight after Daredevil S1 but didn't like the first movie. This one won't be for me either.
Maybe the rainy, foggy, and snowy settings did a great job of hiding it in the first film but the CG here looks much more artificial. In some shots its much closer to a really well done CG anime movie than the first Pacific Rim.
God, that music was so bad. I liked the first Pacific Rim but this just looks like a direct to dvd sequel. The first one was shot really well and the lighting added a lot which this already seems to be completely lacking. Considering it's directed by a TV director that would explain it.
Lower budget. Pacific Rim 1 wasn't exactly a huge blockbuster - this one only got approved because of its overseas sales.
It's more that the first one didn't have a lot of daylight for the action sequences. There were only two if I remember; the shot of Gipsy Danger falling down on the shore and the newsreel of Striker Eureka, the latter not looking that great in comparison to the rest of the movie. Lower budget is also a thing, but the lighting is the biggest player in this case, I reckon.


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they're embracing the animeness hard now.

my boy vince staples gettin' remixes of his track used for major motion pictures now :crying:
Looks...fine I guess? Looks like a ton of green screen even for dialogue scenes, Charlie Day is just in front of a blur at one point.

I predict 64% RT 6.1/10 average score.

AWFUL trailer music though.
I actually love that there's Jaeger on Jaeger action. I really wanted that after the first movie.

The only thing that's kinda bugging me are the cityscapes. I really liked Pacific Rim's hyper neon Hong Kong setting. Not that they need to do it again, but something about this new city seems kinda cartoonish.

Then again, this is like: straight up anime and I'm kinda fine with that.
Seems like their expanding on the firs

I hope they emphasize the weight of the Jaegars to better differentiate them from Transformers (as far as action goes). That's one of the reasons I liked that most of the first movie's action scenes took place in the rain.


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Hmm. I actually liked some of the things in the trailer. Music choice is great. It reminds me a little of the new Ninja Turtles movies for some reason.

I'll keep an eye on this. I fucking hated the first one so they'd really have to win me over for this to go beyond a lazy day "oh what the hell" rental.
Them fighting Gipsy Danger is interesting with how they left off the first movie.
Yep I thought the same thing, I wonder if that's a Jaeger-Kaiju mashup they're fighting there.

This movie is gonna be SO fucking sick oh man, I love Pacific Rim so muchhhh

Also really glad that the monster designs didn't take a massive shit without Del Torro behind them, his creatures are next level so I was most worried about that honestly.
Still in. The action seems more weapon-based than "punching kaijus in the face", not sure how it will turn out but we'll see.
Also I expect those robots to Voltron together for the finale. ^^
It’s one of those trailers that you watch it, you already know the entire film plot. Thanks for saving my money on the movie ticket