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Palmer Luckey to appear on HTC Vive stage at TGS





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Palmer is essentially only making public appearances in Japan at this point, right?


Can't this Palmer Lucky just go away already? Why in the world would they let him speak at the event! So stupid.
He doesn't work at Oculus anymore.

One theory is he's buying HTC's VR division, but I can't imagine he has enough money for that, or would want to. He's probably announcing a game or some kind of entertainment thing. Probably anime, in all seriousness.

Listing him as "founder of Oculus" makes me think he's announcing something of his own too.


He caused my lack of interest in Oculus and now he's killed my interest in Vive. Awesome. He's a racist shit, why in the hell would Valve want him having anything to do with them?
I hope he doesn't say anything political or be a troll on stage.

I realized he cosplayed as Quiet from MGS V. Does that mean that Japan is his safe place now?
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