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Parents rage against the Ice Cream Vendor.

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bjork said:
I'm all for the banning of music while stopped. The assface in the pedo van that sells ice cream out here has that "sailing, sailing" song on his, but it's louder than any concert PA in the history of earth, and I think he just stops to talk to people. He's parked for like 20 minutes at a time, with that incessant shit blaring all over the neighborhood.

But yeah. The parents need to quit being wimpy.
Sucks for you. In Canada, all ice cream trucks stop the music when they stop to serve ice cream. I only hear the music when they are driving.


I have never once in my life had an ice cream from an ice cream truck. mom and baby in this story need to get the fuck over it.


Oh for the love of... I hate this goddamned planet. It's falling apart. Time for a new flood.

I wish the damned ice cream man came into our neighborhood, but there's no kids here. :( Haven't had good ice cream from a truck in 7 years.

Stitch said:
did someone ask for ice cream?

I love you. Marry me.



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Ice cream trucks still serve ice cream? I thought they all switched to selling drugs years ago.
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