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Parler sues Amazon for antitrust violation, breach of contract and unlawful business interference. Wants Judge to force site to be reinstated.


Oct 5, 2015
Well, if you think I’m weird it’s probably that. It tends to be :)
It was just in the way you type.
You think the two have no contact with each other? I don't understand what you are trying to say here, at all.
No. Actually they don't. One is governed by Art. 2 of the Constiution the other, Art 3. As a matter of fact, they cannot be more separate. You only quoted that the DOJ was being policitical. And yeah, as a branch of Art 2 and the burden of selective prosecution, sometimes they do veer that way. But again, they are not "corrupt." Remember, the original assertion was the Courts are "corrupted to the core." Nobody, not one of you, have provided a shred of evidence proving that assertion other than intellectually weak broad assertions from tales from my ass.
Well, I might argue this is one reason it is bad western institutions have become so obviously just weapons to be wielded by the elite against the proles.

Again in the UK the BBC is so clearly a mouthpiece for the London elite, the courts and police so clearly weapons for the London elite. Universities progressive boot camps hell bent on deplatforming political enemies.

You know. How can you expect someone to look at the NYT, the paper of record, a great western institution, and not recognise it to be a weapon to be wielded against the enemies of the rich?

It also kind of sucks to be a prole and have your state so clealy weaponised against you.

Western institutions just don't deserve respect. I agree that is bad. But they still do not deserve respect.
You again have not said one freakin thing that in anyway proves that the U.S. (and Im sure British), courts are somehow corrupted. Yes, powerful people have power. That will always be the case. When I say institutions, I mean government institutions. You are not being specific enough. None of yall are.
There are no winners here. To believe in the law of rule it must be applied equally. Which it is not considering the BLM riots got a free pass and bail out funds.

The ones not believing in the rule of law are the ones not applying it equally. And they are going to be the next government.

Democracy has no chance to thrive in a system of hypocrisy. Democracy is just a word for democrats it seems.
I don't disagree with anything you just said, but remember, its not the Courts that are the ones not applying the law equally. Your problem is with selective prosecution, prosecution is part of the executive branch. In other words, its the political process that must hold these people accountable for not applying the law equally.

Be specific with your criticisms (there are plenty to go around), but broad sweeps of "Courts are corrupted to the core" and yet have not come up with one single solitary piece of evidence to support this is just not the way to be critical effectively. Moreover, the broad sweeps are what erodes peoples believe that we are governed by laws and the rule of law prevails.


Jan 20, 2019
Republic of Val Verde
Yet Amazon hasn't boycotted facebook yet. Hmmm strange... It's as if the tech industry is a monopoly where they help each other to destroy competition.

Which btw shows how wrong libertarians and many conservatives are about the "free" market, the market will never be free, it'll always be manipulated by a few rich fucks that collude with each other to protect their interests.

That's why I had to tamper down my libertarianism for more pragmatism. Ultimately the market does work but it takes time and time is a luxury.

Then there is the dislike of the "lesser-of-two-evils" dichotomy I see with libertarians when I ran with that circle. Where as I would look at two candidates and pick the one that hits more bullet points for me. That's not a lesser of two evils, that's just reality.