Paul Thurrott: April's next Xbox announcement "pushed back a month"

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Jun 14, 2004
Paul Thurrott (of Windows Supersite and Windows Weekly) just tweeted the Durango announcement has been pushed back a month. Does this mean an E3 reveal?

Link to tweet:

For those that don't know he has sources inside Microsoft and was the first one to talk about an April announcement time frame back in January or February.

Update: May 21st is the new rumored date

He just tweeted May 21st as the date...

Three weeks before e3.
Rösti;51847614 said:

10:00 AM PDT is just a suggestion.
Jul 4, 2012
Makes perfect sense, April makes it seem like they are playing catch up to the PS4 announcement. May / June makes it seem like "part of the plan" and can give people the impression that they are not concerned with Sonys offering.
May 23, 2011
Maybe instead of goin to E3 they will have their own Event? If they are trying to be like Apple, and games are not the "focus" it would make sense.

Either way im looking forward to see what MS is up to, interesting to see how much of the rumor mill has been accurate or not.
Jun 2, 2007
That would be a pretty big mistake I think.

They have an opportunity to swing some of the momentum in their direction now that Sony has shown their hand.

At E3 it's a level playing field again, and all of the time between February's PS4 reveal and E3 was forfeit to Sony without any conflict.
probably went back to the drawing board due to what Sony has shown with their announcement.

Maybe updated the RAM... the re-thought the whole "no used games" strategy.

ehh... better shown off with everything lined up than shown off with things unclear... like... ya know... an announcement with no console reveal.
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