PC Monitor Shipments Plummet 18.3% YoY


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According to the latest Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the PC monitor market has experienced an 18.3% decline in year-over-year (YoY) shipments in the fourth quarter of 2022 (4Q22).

This has resulted in a 5.9% decline for the entire year of 2022. The market volume for 4Q22, at just over 30.5 million units, was the lowest volume recorded since IDC started tracking the market in 2008. The macro environment, which adversely affected both consumer and commercial demand, was a significant factor in the setback. Consequently, the results were in line with the anticipated 16.2% drop in shipments for 4Q22. After an unprecedented expansion during earlier periods of the pandemic, driven by work from home and gaming needs, consumer monitor demand began to slow. Commercial monitor purchases also were affected as economic sentiments deteriorated in the latter part of 2022. As a result of worsened economic conditions, IDC expects 2023 shipments to contract another 9.8% as lingering inventory and tepid demand weigh on the market. 2024 should see a slight recovery that will lift shipment volumes above pre-pandemic levels as inventory improves. Beyond 2024, IDC expects further stabilization based on the larger installed base that was created by hybrid work and the growth in gaming monitors.

"Monitors will remain an afterthought for many buyers in the short term," said Jay Chou, research manager for IDC's Worldwide Client Device Trackers. "Annual volume had averaged about 125 million before COVID-19, then shot up to over 135 million for each of the past three years. It will take a while for the dust to settle. Consumer and businesses are recalibrating their priorities, but we remain confident that much of the recently expanded installed base will be enticed to upgrade in the coming years."

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker gathers detailed market data in over 90 countries. The research includes historical and forecast trend analysis among other data.

The PC hardware market continues to sink like a stone.
I guess it's time to increase prices again....

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i prefer console gaming on Monitor, hopefully this will reduce gaming monitor price
Bring down the prices and Ill upgrade to a 5K ultrawide.....as long as the prices are as high as they are, those 4X inch TVs look too attractive even to the PC crowd.


Sales were up because of all the work at home programs. I'd expect sales to be down for a minute, a bunch of people now have new ones that are just a year or two old.


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I want smaller monitors with higher resolution.

I sent back that horrible color gamut gamer monitor 27” 1440p and was about to buy an 24” 1440p but since the shop doesn’t have it on display and it’s a budget monitor I’m on the fence.

Ended up placing the old horribly pixelated 1080p 24” on the floor and just use 2012 Macbook Retina 13”. It has higher PPI than a 42” 4K and better picture than my LG C1.

But still I need a monitor for occasional KBM Gaming PC use or productivity. I play 98% on LG C1 48”. I also am tired of how bothersome it’s to switch displays in Windows. For better performance I set it to only one display at a time. But I want Windows to have shortcuts in taskbar like in Mac OS.

Instead of 24” 1440p I could aim for 27” 4K… but then I would need a new laptop…
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A… slowdown, after a record +55% growth in 2020-21, the biggest boom in over 2 decades

Peoples didn’t throw away their monitor already?

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Right, everyone I know have 144-240hz 1440p monitors now and are quite happy with 'em.
Gonna need some real fancy OLED stuff to make any of them even considering upgrading. Like 360hz/4k and a blowjob dispenser.


Right, everyone I know have 144-240hz 1440p monitors now and are quite happy with 'em.
Gonna need some real fancy OLED stuff to make any of them even considering upgrading. Like 360hz/4k and a blowjob dispenser.
Yeah, most folks I know picked up a monitor (or two) for either working from home, gaming and sometimes both.

This is just a fairly natural cycle coming off some stellar performance over last few years.

Plus, specifically for gaming, having a 4K 240hz monitor is great and all...but you will need at least a 4090 to drive that. Folks may consider dropping $1000-1500 on a monitor but doing it simultaneously with a $2K card and perhaps a major CPU/motherboard/RAM upgrade is a lot to ask... especially considering shit economy we are heading into worldwide.


Buying a decent gaming monitor is a gigantic pain in the ass i always find something wrong with it.

I ended up getting close to buying the 32 inch samsung odyssey neo g7 as it hit nearly every note, but the curve killed it for me.

They ended up doing a flat version of that monitor, but they made it 43 inch, SMH samsung.

32 inch is my limit as i plan on using it for work, so a big tv isn't an option and there aren't many if any decent 32 inch tvs.
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