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PC Skyrim (with all DLC) owners to receive free upgrade to Special Edition


Sep 3, 2013
It won't, because it's a separate app from OG Skyrim. Similar to how Doom 3 BFG edition was.

I have no intentions going back to regular Skyrim with the 600+ hours I put into it.

I am talking about using my Mod list specifically on Skyrim SE. Both games may be using the Creation Kit and be the same game at the core outside of the graphical differences, but changes to the exe and if Skyrim SE handles mods like Fallout 4, would require a quite a bit of tweaks, hence break my mod list.

A 64-Bit executable in of itself is a HUGE improvement. Seeing as the PC built back in 2012 for the sole purpose of maxing out Skyrim, will now be able to take full advantage of the 8GB of ram I have in my PC on top of the 3GB my GPU has.

This should mean the days of getting into memory chunking or uGrid related issues is a thing of the past.

Fallout 4 which I believe is Bethesda's first 64-bit open world game is far more stable compared to my Skyrim experience. Being able to handle the additional memory I think is the the most significant reason why Fallout 4 doesn't give me the same performance issues that Skyrim had.

Skyrim SE's system requirements will likely be higher than the original due to the improvements as well which is an acceptable trade off.