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Peacemaker Debuts in January on HBO Max


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A trailer screened for press included Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith (John Cena) in the hospital following the events of The Suicide Squad. He explains to the orderly he’s supposed to be in jail for “superhero shit,” and says he’s Peacemaker. The orderly laughs, insisting there’s no superhero named Peacemaker. There were also glimpses of Robert Patrick as Peacemaker’s disapproving father (it involves a bald eagle) and also some of the onscreen chemistry between Peacemaker and his handlers, including Jennifer Holland’s Squad character, Emilia Harcourt. “Just because your handsome doesn’t mean you’re not a piece of shit,” Harcourt tells Peacemaker at one point. His response? “You think I’m handsome?”

Peacemaker GIF by The Suicide Squad


I most likely won't watch it, if it's HBO it goes to a shitty streaming service called Binge in Australia. I ain't giving them a cent.
I can't say that I was that amazed by Peacemaker in the film and am actually surprised he is getting a series.


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This show is crazily funny and entertaining. I am so glad they got Gunn to write and direct multiple episodes. I think DC/WB is finding out that their lesser known properties lend themselves well to black comedy, so they don't always have to go grimdark with everything. Gunn with this and The Suicide Squad, along with Doom Patrol.

Is there an OT for this show yet?
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