Penis-Powered Game Gets Oculus Rift Support (Post #309 hands-on review)


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I really can't quite believe the review I've just read. I do admire that he had the guts to be candied and open and share his experience.

I still can't believe this device and this game exists.


Nose how to spell and rede to
Does it wub you the wrong way? No wub for Wubby?

The man's name should be venerated and his selfless quest into apotheosis recorded forever in the annals of our history. To be sure, Wubby is a brave pioneer boldly going where the rest of us cannot and bringing back meted research that we might at the very least learn of this glorious new frontier.
I too take offense at this cur's besmirching of Wubbys name or intent. To the gallows with him!

Who's willing to try the Madcatz version first?
Ok this is hilarious. Penis injuries incoming.

Certain typos could not happen in worse threads
Candied... The possibilities are endless with Cockulus Rift.
And the thread keeps on giving!

Wub-by! Wub-by! Wub-by! Wub-by!


Nose how to spell and rede to

Maybe he doesn't want a tag for this lol (too bad :p) But seriously this was both hilarious and actually informative, and tastefully or maturely done which seems just about impossible, deserves recognition
I love how Wubby is being treated as a hero and not as some degenerate for trying it cos in all honesty I'd like to try it for the heck of it
He bears the stain of sin so that you will not. Hail our gallant pariah, the noble Wubby!

For Science!


Speaking plainly, the 'Cockulus Rift', as it's been dubbed, has great potential. Terrible, yes, but great. It offers an interactive experience like no other; a way to reach out and in some small way become part of another world. Some kind of rumble feature would be the next evolution of this, I feel.

After all, isn't full immersion the ultimate goal of this kind of technology? That cannot be accomplished without some kind of tactile feedback.

Clearly, the riff raff will see only wasted resources, but we will know the truth.
Wouldn't a non-sex game controlled by your penis be pretty fun? or get lambasted for not being gender friendly?

imagine zelda in 60 fps with 1:1 penis sword control
It had been a long while since a thread made me laugh this hard. Props Wubby, props, man.

A tag is mandatory for our fine hero here. The suggestions so far have been: For Science, Hardest Member, Pubic Servant...Keep 'em coming, guys!

EDIT: Justice has been served.