Penny Arcade 11/30/2007 Jeff Gerstmann fired from Gamespot, allegedly for K&L review

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dirtmonkey37 said:
You're Alex Navarro, correct?
Lord no. I think Alex would be offended by that, considering he's one of the few people writing about games that isn't grossly overweight. He can also play drums like a savant.

I'm Frank Provo, and I am grossly overweight... and dead sexy... and I can't sing or play drums for shit.


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mosaic said:
A little birdie tells me that Jason Ocampo is leaving GameSpot in a couple of days to go work for... well, I promised not to reveal that last part. But when it comes out, you'll shit bricks.
He's coming to work for NeoGAF then? Awesome, GAFCAST return imminent
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