Persona 4 Golden |OT| Love is the only gold.


Welcome to the Persona 4 Golden NeoGAF Official Thread! If you are avoiding spoilers and would just like the most basic information, it'll be spelled out here:

  • P4G is a turn-based JRPG featuring high school students that are trying to stop a serial killer in their country town; demons and dating sim-esque gameplay is involved.
  • P4G for Playstation Vita, releases November 20, 2012, and costs $39.99 USD.
  • The Solid Gold Edition costs $69.99 USD and releases the same day was sold out in limited quantity and is probably being flipped on the internet.
  • It is scheduled to release in Europe on February 22, 2013.
  • P4G is made by Atlus and is rated Mature because shit gets real in this game.
  • P4G features new characters, new locations to visit, new cutscenes, added difficulty settings, bonus videos, and an epilogue.

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Mike Meeker said:
Don’t forget: we’re offering a free PS Vita skin and accompanying wallpapers with pre-orders of Persona 4 Golden. Quantities are limited, so be sure you pre-order soon (and make sure the retailer you pre-order from is participating in this offer) or risk missing out. Of course, if you manage to get your hands on the sold out Solid Gold Premium Edition, you’ll get that PS Vita skin, along with a hard pouch, face protector, and stickers! We know they’re hard to come by, but keep an eye out on PS.Blog and the @PlayStation Twitter page, as we’re cooking something up to take care of a lucky fan. Otherwise, all versions physical and digital will be available for sale on November 20th, which is… coming up quickly! In any case, I do hope that you’re looking forward to this title, and that if you weren’t before, you are now. Thanks for reading!

Aram Jabbari's PSVita Screen Protector Guide - Please watch this, because you should always use protection.

SHOCKING NEWS: GAF's own Levito wins a dancing competition at Destructoid and scores a rare, Solid Gold Edition.


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I bought a Vita just for this game. It has been a painful wait.

Only 7-10 days left for me (EU import), and I need to find something to distract me before I begin.

Corran Horn

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I never played 4...only part of 3. Bought 3 psp for my vita during that sale but probably wont play since I want to wait for 4. Ugh I want to play now lol.
Oh sweet, there's the Vita wallpapers I made! :)

Can't wait to play this game all over again. And then do it again on a harder difficulty. And get the platinum.
My Solid Gold Edition will be coming from Gamestop!

Keeping it sealed though. Will double-dip and grab the digital version over PSN.

Can't wait, my first time playing through the game. :)


there's ALWAYS ONE
Nice OT.

I was really lukewarm on the original game and never finished it, but I have Golden preordered. I'm still deciding whether or not to keep it.
If only people stopped overhyping the potato head, as its pretty clear who is the better girl of the cast. Oh well...

Don't kill me guys
This game will probably make me buy a Vita. I loved playing P4 so much that I would love to have a portable version to play when I please. Not to mention that extra content.



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Seta Souji. >:|

I'm passing on AC3:Liberation right now to get this. WHY.jpg I don't like it as much as I liked P3/FES and it doesn't hold a candle to P2.


Oh. :(

It's not like the game is terrible. I just don't really like the yellow/happy-go-lucky tone. Doesn't feel SMT to me.

Does buying day one on PSN give you the themes? Atlus dudes that post here, answer this please? I don't want to be burned by this assumption like I was with Street vs Juggleken. >:|

I'll take Izanagi. Why not? We all know he's a pretty cool design. Also, my Sinanju avatar was getting pretty old.

Man, if I could erase my memories of playing it and experience P4 fresh all over again, that'd be the best thing ever. So good.