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Opinion Game Dev Platform Peter Moore on how Xbox solved the Red Ring of Death


Oct 20, 2013
You have the original one and it still works? Crazy, I genuinely thought it would blow up for everyone sooner or later.

The one I have now is the Elite, but with HDMI. I think it had a revised heatsink or something? I only use it to play NCAA 14 and Arkham Origins now, lol.


Apr 3, 2015
Yeah, my 4 replacements all died within a year, often within a few months. One unit, the second I turned it on it died. All I got was re-furbished garbage with scratches and mishandling marks all over it as a replacement for my brand new 360. It's like I paid full price for someone's refurbished POS that inevitably broke and looked like shit. Not to mention the hassle and expense of having to bus it to Purolator on my (at the time) minimum wage job and the hour it took me to complete the trip...then having no games for 2 weeks. The 360 was the worst purchase experience I ever had.

RROD made me go PS3...then PS4. Thanks, Peter Moore, for reminding me of what a horrible experience I had with my 360. I'm happy with what MS is doing with PC but Sony deserves to win the console space, 360 and how it was handled was unforgivable. They should have just given people a new console after 3 hardware failures, I had 5 that all broke.

Edit: Can't believe I'm still raw about it, but all MS should say about RROD is apologize for all the gamer dreams it destroyed and acknowledge that they they f'd up real bad.. RROD and Kinect was the 1-2 punch that set Xbox back till this day. The 360 and it's wonderful best games library was almost the console to win console gaming long term. Now, years later, they're still playing catch-up.
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Nov 5, 2017
It was rather a 2-billion dollars program dedicated to replacing units affected by the RROD.

And I must say that was a very responsible act by Microsoft.

Microsoft always had the greatest customer service. No bullshit regarding lost accounts, lost licenses, and defect hardware.


Apr 4, 2013
Dallas, TX
I'm still surprised that Xbox was able to mostly turn it around this generation and have a viable future going forward. Had they made a true successor to the 360 a la the PS4 I'd imagine we wouldn't have services like Game Pass or the excellent One X.

With that being said I think this new PS5 and Xbox Series X, along with a new Switch, has the potential to be the best gaming generation ever. We finally have Xbox and PlayStation getting away from limiting hardware (Forced Kinect support, Underpowered Xbox One-Xbox One vs PS4), and exotic hardware (Cell-PS3 vs 360) at the same time in a generation. We will get gaming machines first and foremost, and I am looking forward to it.
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