Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta and Information Thread [Open Beta Live Now]




!!Maintenance incoming. Starting on Thursday at 11AM and ending on Friday, 2PM JST. They're going to add new hardware to fight the lag.!!
THU June 28th @ 11:00 AM ~ FRI June 29th @ 02:00 PM JST
WED June 27th @ 10:00 PM ~ FRI June 29th @ 01:00 AM EST
Other Time Zones

Registration and a much appreciated registration guide.

Link. If you plan on playing, download the client ASAP as updating can take quite a long time.

OS: Windows XP 32bit | Windows Vista or Windows 7 32bit or 64bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or above
RAM: Windows XP:1.5GB+ | Vista or Windows 7:2GB+
HDD: 8GB or more
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT or similar or higher
Direct X: Direct X 9.0c or higher

Phantasy Star Online 2 is an online action-rpg, with structure similar to games like Monster Hunter and Vindictus. You select quests and get character specific tasks called Client Orders while on the ship acting as the game hub and then group together with up to 3 other players to play the game. Combat wise, the game varies greatly between the three classes available. Going from hack and slash style combat for the Hunter to Lost Planet style third person shooter combat for the Ranger.

There are three races in the game, each with their weakness and strenghts (Human's main weakness is being boring) but they all have access to the same classes.


Usual, boring, well-balanced human race. They fit for all three classes available.


Physically weak elf-like race of photon (magic) users.


Robot-like man-made race with artificial bodies. They excel in Ability, HP and to a degree in Striking and Ranged Strength. (Thanks to SuperAngelo64 for the correction)

Brand new to PSO2 is the inclusion of FOcast which allows Cast's to finally play as Force characters, a first for the series.

All 3 classes are available for all the races. Switching between classes is possible while in the Arks Lobby and is free. Each of the jobs comes with it's own skill tree which can be advanced at the rate of 1 point per level. All class skills are learned through skill discs and can only be set to certain weapons (excluding the Force class).


Close combat warriors who can equip swords, wired lances (blades on wires allowing to throw enemies around), partisans etc. This gives brand new playing styles for every single weapon type, making the game feel as fresh as possible.
Their "dodge move" is a side step. Allowing players to quickly dodge and avoid enemy attacks at will. This combined with Guard is one of your most important assets during boss battles.


A ranged class which can enter an over the shoulder aiming mode for better accuracy and breaking specific parts of enemies' bodies.
Rangers have access to three main different types of ranged weapons including: Rifle, Launcher and Gunslash. Gunslash is a unique weapon available for all classes that combine together a ranged weapon with a sword that can be swapped at will.


A powerful magic class using devastating techniques on enemies along with the ability to heal allies.
Forces have a wide range of magic abilities, covering all of the elements in the game along with specific moves tailored to certain styles of play (AOE attacks for example)

- MAGs: are raisable pets that follow you in battle and provide usefull assistance such as passive stat boosts, support fire, and healing. Mags will charge up 'Photons' during combat. When the Mags have reached their Photon capacity, Mags can invoke powerful, single-use abilities:

- Real time action combat utilizing a unique, customizable combo system;
- Parties up to 4 people/Player + 3 NPCs;
- You can invite your in-game friend's character to the party as an NPC even if they're not online.;
- Interrupt Events are randomly generated side-quests that can appear at anytime, and anywhere outside of boss areas. Interrupt events are presented in an easy-to-understand way using voiced text that appears over the screen consisting of: "ATTACK", "DEFEND", PROTECT", "COLLECT", and etc.;
- Quest performance grading;
- My Room, which can be decorated and expanded. This gives you an area to invite over friends and team mates with surprisingly robust customization (Cisce's My Room album);
- The ability to switch classes for free while in the Lobby;
- Class-specific skill trees;
- Hard mode available for quests;
- Story, which can be progressed through the "Matter Board" feature after meeting certain conditions;
- You can break specific parts on the enemy's body;

PREMIUM SET PRICING (available in retail):
30 Days = 1300 AC
60 Days = 2500AC
90 Days = 3600AC

- My Room
- My Shop
- Premium Storage Box
- Item Trader
- Premium Block
- FUN Points Boost

- Open beta characters WILL transfer to the "retail" version of the game.
- No IP block of any kind was present during the previous tests
- Ship 02 is the "official" server for the non-Japanese players
- The game is almost completely in Japanese but an unofficial English patch was released during the previous tests and a new version should be around this time too.
- There hasn't been any announcement of the game releasing in the US/Europe
- Buying the in-game money (Arks Cash) during the beta won't be possible, so My Room and My Shop will be available to all players
- If you took part in any of the previous tests you're all set and don't have to register anywhere

PRE-OPEN AND OPEN BETA CHANGES HIGHLIGHTS (complete notes can be found on the bumped blog along with details about the paid content):
- You can level up your character to Level 30 in Open and Pre-Open Beta.
- You can now obtain a mag at level 5 instead of 10.
- Instead of Level 50, a mag can evolve to its second form at Level 30.
- Hard mode is available for each quest if the character is level 20 or above. However, in order to access hard mode you must complete a specific client order.
- The second matter board was added. The matter board completion screen will also be shown in the camp ship after the quest results screen is shown.
- 16 button gamepads are now supported and configurable.
- Planet Lillipa will be added along with new Robot type enemies and brand new Darkers.
- Using the Aesthetics counter, the following features are free: Eye Pattern, Eye Color, Eyebrows, Eyebrow color, Eyelashes, Makeup Pattern 1&2.
- The Item lab and Tekker shop has moved down a floor.
- To reduce server load, there will be less chairs to sit on in the lobby.

- Beta registration guide
- Client Orders
- MAGs
- Closed Beta mini guide
- Controls
- The English patch link will be added after the translation's relese

- blog, the best source of information regarding PSO2
- PSO2 information thread on the PSO-World forum

I posted this a couple of days ago too but might as well post it here:

I currently run a Community Chat for the game on IRC and Mumble, all NeoGAF members are allowed to join and we're willing on IRC to answer any questions you have about the game.

Direct link to the web chat/IRC
Server and channel for an IRC client:

channel: #pso2

Mumble info:
Port: 49572
<--- Highlight for password


TGS 2011 trailer
Closed Beta Trailer
Game intro
Abilities overview


Thanks to Cisce for helping me create this thread and to Ricardo (author of for allowing to copy some information from his blog, like the system specs, premium set contents and pricing among many more. Be sure to visit his blog, it's awesome.
Also, thanks to everyone who contributed by making a guide, they've been of great help!

Cisce: Special thanks to the Community IRC for moral support, suggestions, and proof-reading

NeoGAF team was created on Ship 2. If you want in, get in touch with (Character name - Player name)
Twentytwo - Twentytwo
&#12495;&#12475;&#12514; - Keii
&#12494;&#12456;&#12523; - Netto-kun
Guide how to whisper to anyone and a guide what to do when invited to the team have been added at the bottom.
You talk to the team by selecting the 3rd option in the chat window - &#65299;&#65294;&#12481;&#12540;&#12512;.

List format is GAF name - Character Name. All are on Ship 2 unless stated otherwise.
Cisce - Cisce
Keiician - &#12495;&#12475;&#12514;
twentytwo22 - Twentytwo
Gloam - Gloam
Kyudo- Kyudo
Mastamind - Mastamind
Soulstar - Violet
hutna - LlamaCASEAL
Netto-kun - &#12494;&#12456;&#12523;
Thoraxes - Elynara
Mistle- Mistle
N.A - Kida
Kandinsky - Kandinsky
Smashkirby - Anitaki
kiryogi - &#12365;&#12423;&#12426;
Raide - Raide
br0ken_shad0w - Aegea
expel - Expel
Skyfireblaze - Chiyana
DeadPhoenix - Iggins
InfiniteNine - &#12510;&#12452;&#12490;
dr. apocalipsis - dr. apocalipsis
djplaeskool - KoSynne
froliq - froliq
Spazznid - Magikarp
RyougaSaotome - &#12522;&#12456;&#12521;&#65343;&#12469;&#12458;&#12488;&#12513;
B00TE - Beet
Cmagus - Eight Corova
ToastyBanana - Mr Pewpewpew
desa - Desade
Sephon - Sephon
Kokonoe - Kokonoe
Wario64 - Wario64
Arpeggio23 - Arpeggio
wsoxfan1214 - wsoxfan1214
VariantX - VariantX
Mr Nash - Justaway
Alboreo - Albireo
glaringradio - Zektbach
Ainaurdur - Naur
Shouta - Zena
Cheesecakebobby - &#12408;&#12383;&#12428; &#12481;&#12540;&#12474;&#12465;&#12540;&#12461;
Hitlersaurus Christ - Slash
Wyndstryker - Kiriyama
thiscoldblack - mztik
LiquidMetal14 - liquidmetal14
Lissar - Lissar
wwm0nkey - wwm0nkey


-Translation of the window that appears after selecting a quest (thanks Jubern):
- Whispering to anyone through the visionphone:

This is a visionphone. There are many of those scattered around the ship.

First, select &#12450;&#12463;&#12473;&#12469;&#12540;&#12481; (Arks Search)

Options here (from top to bottom): search by character name, search by team name (we're NeoGAF), search by player name.

After selecting the search type, type in the name, click the button under it and when the name pops up, click on it with the LMB and select the first option, which is "Whisper"
-What to do when invited to a Team, plus the team chat mode (by Blueblur2):

Once the invite is sent, you'll see this window pop up. Click the left button.

Then you will see this window. Go ahead and close the tutorial text box.

Next, click the top option of the two selections to the left. Then click the next top option that appears (as highlighted above).

Finally, this final prompt will appear on-screen. Click the left button to complete the team joining process.

Chatting with the Team

Enter chat mode (by pressing enter) and open the drop down menu above the text input field. Select option 3 to chat with the team. (Pressing O opens the team chat mode - Keii)[/img]
- Interface translations (thanks Skyfireblaze):
Menu Bar:


Party & Quests:


Character Creator:



- guide to the beta which includes Mother Board guide, Mag guide, item upgrading guide etc. can be found here
Super excited for this.

Sega had over 40,000 people on during the pre-OBT tonight and the servers were running like a dream. I was really surprised. Every single problem I had with the game client/server during closed beta was gone.
Just finished the desert quest, so hopefully I get the rifle. But man this is making me itch for a US release or a translation patch.

I love the 360 controller support.


Pre Beta doesn't carry over right? And does it carry over if you buy it from a region other than japan?
You don't buy anything except premium services, the game is f2p. It hasn't been announced in the West yet, though.
And yeah, the POB characters don't carry over.


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:eek: Getting my new Windows laptop on the 20th (been on a several year old Mac laptop until now.) I guess it's fate!


works for Gamestop (lol)
I think I registered a few weeks ago so I should be good I guess. Is it completely free if you want to see everything in the game?


Game is a lot of fun, hopefully the English patch releases soon after the 21st.

Also they need to announce the NA/EU version already since we know its coming due to the English credits.
I think I got the gun ^.^

I think they delayed the close two more hours, so I got it at the injury time.

I just hate how they don't say something that you achieved it. Or that I can read at least. :p

Wait, did I get it? Did I have to do something?

You had to complete the desert mission from what I understand. I'm just curious how you missed it since you asking for the link to download the client is how I got in the other day. I think that was you.


So you needed to be part of the pre-open beta to that special item they were hinting at before? Bah, I thought it was just the closed beta. :(


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I missed the Pre-Beta god damn it.....i actually missed it only because i was too lazy to post this image:

Out of curiosity is this the same downloader.exe i would use to download the Open-Beta.
Or is there somewhere else to get the open beta

P.S Between this and Battlefield 3 I think my social life is done for.
Huh. I'm not in either one of those pictures...Oh, I'm right out of view on the second one. About when was the first one taken?

I guess there was that many people that it couldn't even show that all of them were even there.


I got an hour or so in today. It's really good and will probably steal alot of free time.Need to make a new character though as I got on late and pretty much took generic guy in just so I could play it in time.


I got an hour or so in today. It's really good and will probably steal alot of free time.Need to make a new character though as I got on late and pretty much took generic guy in just so I could play it in time.
Characters from the pre-open beta won't be transferred to the open beta so no worries there.


Not sure if I should have posted this in the pre-open beta topic or this one, but since this is the new topic, I guess it's better here.

So, the Pre-Open Beta is over, it reached a peak of around 41500 concurrent players and there was little to no lag (in the Closed Beta and Alpha 2 tests, the peak was around 23000).

I completed all of my goals for the pre-open beta, which were to reach lvl 10, complete the desert quest and record a video of it, play through the forest free field and get a mag.

Also too a few pictures during the test:

Tomorrow I should have a video ready from the Desert area quest.
So after the 21 everyone should be able to play?

How close is this game to evoke the first PSO in DreamCast? Im talking about the general mood, music and environments.


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Was able to play on the first day. It was really fun, but it's probably more enjoyable if you're in a group. Anyone who's down to quest together during open beta let me know!


I got an hour or so in today. It's really good and will probably steal alot of free time.Need to make a new character though as I got on late and pretty much took generic guy in just so I could play it in time.

Lol eight. Abandoning X|V?
I want to try this out SO BAD but I have like no time anymore. I could only play it on my Vita, and coincidentally, it is still coming to Vita right? Do I have to wait like 4 extra years for that though?
I posted this a couple of days ago too but might as well post it here:

I currently run a Community Chat for the game on IRC and Mumble, all NeoGAF members are allowed to join and we're willing on IRC to answer any questions you have about the game.

Direct link to the web chat/IRC
Server and channel for an IRC client:

channel: #pso2

Mumble info:
Port: 49572
<--- Highlight for password
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