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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis expansion Sandstorm Requiem(Xbox, PC) launches 12/15/21. Content roadmap post launch revealed.

PSO2 NEW GENESIS December Updates ① Introduction Video - YouTube

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Reveals Upcoming Updates & Events & Roadmap Until June 2022 (twinfinite.net)

People that are starting now will have a much better experience that those that got into this at launch, we had about a month worth of content then not much else to do afterwards. This is actually a good amount of content. especially since they said they will have some unannouned stuff coming too.

Tips for beginners:
1)To upgrade battle power. Don't focus on leveling up: Focus on getting skill points through cocoons and towers and Focus on upgrading armor and weapons
2) Change the lock-on feature from targeting character direction to targetting camera direction. The lock-on works like its supposed to but both enemies and your character move so fast that the light lock-on moves around a lot before you lock it in(two white lines). you may want to lock-on as you approach an enemy when its easiest and then switch targets.
3) To find more players to play with use the block and room transfer at the Ryuker device

Not really tips
1) Play as a Cast(robot0 they look fucking cool
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