Phantom Dust HD Port coming to Xbox One and PC (Play Anywhere) 2017

Jul 19, 2007

Trailer just shown on Youtube Live @ E3

Game was semi cancelled when the project was removed from the developer who ended up shutting down last February:

Edit: Release date TBC 2017

Edit 2: Appears to be an HD port of the original Xbox game with updated Xbox Live features.

New Features for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC:
• Xbox Live Arena support integrated
• Play on Windows 10 PC or Xbox One seamlessly with cross-saves, retaining all of your progress and in-game items between both platforms.
• Cross-device play lets you play against friends regardless of platform.
• Full Xbox Live feature set of the original game, including downloading top player’s arsenals to practice against them – a feature not available since the original’s release!
• Looking for Group on Xbox Live so you can find and connect with other gamers more easily than ever.
• Multiplayer starter arsenals are included. Jump right into multiplayer with a better selection of skills!
• The Multiplayer skill shop is no longer tied to solo player progression. All skills are available for purchase immediately for multiplayer use.
• Improvements to game balance and frame rate
Aug 4, 2011
It's not a remake but I'll take it. Folk talk so much about the multiplayer that I'm excited to try the "whole" experience rather than the single-player only original game now that Live is gone.