Phantom Dust |OT| Out of the ashes, into the Dust

I own an original Xbox but never played this game surprisingly. Excited to jump in for free with Windows 10, it was a nice surprise.
I've always wanted to play this one when I was playing on Xbox back then, but never had to play it.
I've just finished my 2nd run on P5, so I'm free to go on another game, I guess it'll be this one. :)
This honestly is the best outcome. The textures still look pretty great for a 13yo game. It has microtransactions, but the unlocks were designed in an era long before that stuff so you definitely do not need to pay a single cent.
Never heard of this game. How good is it?
It's an arena action game where your skills come from a deck of abilities you build ahead of time. There are almost 400 skills IIRC. You got projectiles (bombs, lasers, cannons, etc.) shields (frontal, 360 degrees, parries, etc.), movement skills (flying, dashing, warping, etc.), melee (swords, punches, etc.) and tons of other uncategorized abilities (swap your opponent's directional inputs, steal their skills from their spawn point, rain meteors on them, etc.)

You have 5 "colors" like in Magic the Gathering with mana as well. You balance the weaker, cheaper, more narrow skills against the more expensive, big skills. Made up example: a 1 mana shield might be a limited use frontal shield, the 3 mana version is infinite use, the 5 mana version is 360 around you. Tons of variation and customization. Maps, which are destructable, also have different styes from a cramped indoor space that promotes close combat to a long stretch of highway that is better suited from long range sniping.


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Wait, it'll work on 8 that way? Or you mean to get it until I get an XB1?
It won't work on 8 (unless UWP somehow works and they figure out a way to drop the Windows 10 requirement like Halo Vista->XP), but you can "buy" it off the store to show support until you get Windows 10 and/or a X-box 720.
Amazing OT Zeta! So hyped for this to drop. It would be amazing if they do a midnight release for it. That would be less than 2 hours! Please Microsoft!!! :D
I kept looking for a price(was going to buy anyway), only to see that it's free. That is awesome!

I guess they'll see how many players it has and micro-transaction sales before they see if they want to turn this into a franchise? Hopefully people play it and get hooked.