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Phil Fish has Twitter tantrum, cancels Fez 2 and goes home with his ball

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What abuse? Ah, c'mon Phil... Everyone loved your game! Now, put up and make another, be it independently or else.


I guess I'll just quote myself from the other thread.

There are other jobs than game development.

You bring this up, but Phil said one of the things that resonated with me personally quite a lot.

Okay, I haven't finished any games, but I have spent a fair bit of time working on a few projects here and there and found myself feeling down because I wasn't finishing them and had very little to show for my time:

What was the thing that made you never give up on making this game?

The lack of alternatives? What else was I going to do? I have very few applicable skills outside of what I do. So fear, I guess.

He can say some really crazy and offensive things at times, but that hit me. Hopefully he either continues with gamedev or has success in other jobs.

Good luck to him.


He'll probably come back next week, Fez Reborn or Fish Reborn or something.

If he doesn't, well, Fez was pretty decent I guess.


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Phil Fish and the whole Indie Movie gave me second thoughts about ever wanting to become a game developer. I couldn't handle that kind of stress.


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I know it sounds silly, but making games is quite stressing.


If he loves games he'll calm down and carry on . I just hope he identifies the problems that make him so upset and angry before coming back.

It'd be a shame for him and the industry for this to truly be it.
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