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Phil Spencer wants to buy Nintendo: i honestly believe a good move for both companies

John Wick

The worst part is about their ex-BOD acquiring Nintendo Shares and then collaborating with Microsoft so they can buy Nintendo.

Jim Ryan being proven right about MS over and over. Nintendo don't need MS.
Remember the fanboys especially claiming on here MS have changed they don't want a monopoly. They the good guys. Phil and MS starting to show their true colours.
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I wasn't terribly disturbed by earlier leaks about Phil -- I just chalked up the lies to standard CEO behavior. But this feels different. Buying out Nintendo would be a feather in your cap? Fuck you, dude. Narcissistic status-seeking turd.

I'm not even a Nintendo fan, and this disgusts me. I appreciate Nintendo's quality and legacy enough to know how revolting this idea is. And he's doing it for himself, while wearing a mask of benevolence. What a sleazeball.


They're drying up everything they lay their hands on. It's clear how they're using an IP like Minecraft; releasing boring spin-offs left and right, without adding a single "brick" on top of the base game(except cosmetics). Their attempt to grow by acquiring every gaming company out there is terrifying. We're facing a company that's more greedy than Tencent or Embracer. They want to establish a monopoly in the gaming industry just like they did with Windows, and I don't want that to happen.

All I want to say to Microsoft is; just stick with your f. pass(which is good), support your f. studios(which are decent) and wait for them to deliver(it's already happening). That's how you should grow, organically(which is healthier).

P.S. What I'm saying is also valid for Sony, but they are not capable of taking such massive and terrifying steps in the first place. I hope they will never be acquired by Microsoft one day.


How would this benefit Nintendo?
The whole point is to not benefit them but force their customers to give their money to Microsoft rather than Nintendo. It's a sinister operation using a proxy.
This might just be the thing that gets Phil fired. He's literally advocating for a hostile takeover situation, brought about by share manipulation.
Nah this is their MO. If he is punished for anything, it will be for PR and the next guy will continue these practices.


What time is it?
How would this benefit Nintendo?

The deal is good for competition, players, and the future of gaming.



Doesnt work like that, MS have no authority over Japan and their policies. Nintendo is a protected company, if Japan says no that is final.
Something America as a whole needs to learn, they dont supercede the laws of another country no matter how much they think they do.

They did a few times already with wars and trade agreements and so on. It's possible.
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Anyone who's ever told me "that was a long time ago" in regards to MS' anticompetitive and monopolistic rotten core can chug a gallon of piss and jump out a window.

Thinking there are fanboys rubbing their hands and hoping all this can happen pisses me off. ffs, pick another company to fanboy for. ANY COMPANY.


They just signed a 10 years deal

the only thing that can be done is ask the CMA to block the acquisition
Japanese companies are protected against hostile takeovers, Foreigners can only purchase a small amount of a company shares. If they want bigger shares they have to go though the japanese governamet. And no way in hell Japan will let Nintendo be owned by a foreigner corporation.

This is just laughting material.


The only thing good for gamers would be actually getting to play some Nintendo games on good hardware, instead of being forever beholden to Nintendo's fucking infuriating potato strategy. Please understand.


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The only thing good for gamers would be actually getting to play some Nintendo games on good hardware, instead of being forever beholden to Nintendo's fucking infuriating potato strategy. Please understand.

If you really want to do that, and sacrifice playing it on the hardware they were intended and designed to be played on... then you can already do so on PC.

You know, that gaming platform that's the most free of all.


Will be really interesting to see what reaction we get from Nintendo, if we do get a reaction. You would think they would at least look to take action on Microsoft proxy shareholders who are only there to attempt to disrupt the company?


Why do MS keep talking internally of acquiring these Japanese companies when according to GAF, it's an impossibility?
Because at the end of the day…. Gaffers are not the MS internal divisions. Nor does MS care to put much stock into the ramblings of forum dwelling gamers. That’s just my honest take.


Seeing alot of bickering online with fans trying to defend Xbox/Phil and people being disgusted by Xbox/Phil and their approach to the gaming industry.

Couldn't have happened on a better day #MortalKombat



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MS has always been cancer on the entire tech world; its entire existence has set the world back over and over again.

They just acquire, create bloated industry "standards" like MS Office by tying up corporate deals, then we're all stuck with the awful legacy of software that could have been a million times better if competition had been allowed to thrive normally.

I'm happy to see more gamers acknowledge this, because the whole DirectX/Windows control of PC gaming for so long led to ridiculousness association between MS and the PC gaming space. Valve's occasional pushes into platform-agnostic or Linux-based gaming is doing the world a favor.


When they bought Rare, they essentially bought a significant part of Nintendo's legacy. And look how that turned out. Took Rare over 15 years to release the first succesfull game and it's a GAAS I have no interest in.

If that's the future they have in mind for Nintendo, than thanks but no thanks.
This. Spencer is too dumb to see why Nintendo is actually doing so well. He thinks it's all IP brand power.
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