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Phil Spencer: "You are going to see more of our games on more platforms"


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"I want to do the journalistically responsible thing" and not follow up on what you just said, and instead change the subject... Granted, Ryan did ask a relevant question (about the studio closures), but when Phil says something like that - "You're going to see more of our games on more platforms," and the crowd obviously reacts - you need to dig further. Don't just drop the subject.
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Someone get Ryan Mccaffrey an asthma pump.

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Looking forward to all the “exclusives are damaging” posts and tweets .

I’m not surprised really, a co worker on Major Nelsons podcast years ago said he felt this way …”he would put all the content on everything if he could”

for as much as I remember that being said, I can’t fucking remember who exactly said it.

The narrative from their subservient soldiers on social media will be on the others to follow suit in a substantial way.

Personally I think it devalues the console side of things and if they had been doing far better in the market , and it’s on him and his teams that they are not, they might not of went the way it has this soon.
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Oh, they will probably make some exclusive for a few months to move a few consoles they put together, but otherwise, they are going multiplat.

It’s all good.


Microsoft has timed exclusivity for some third party games. Like Stalker 2 (3 months?).
Aside from that, I suspect all of the first party games will release with at least some lead time on Xbox first. But probably not more than six months.

They do lots of early access games so I'd expect when the games are finished, PS5 fans will end up making them cheddar.


"Nintendo games are like indies, and worth at most $19" 🤡
I imagine that MS is trying to sell a lot of Xboxes at the end of this year, if it doesn't work out, the future is to abandon the market as a manufacturer.
it's over xbox is now just an ephemeral product
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Phil Spencer

March 11, 2021
"But if you're an Xbox customer, the thing I want you to know is this is about delivering great exclusive games for you that ship on platforms where Game Pass exists."

February 15, 2024
"We've made the decision that we're gonna take four games to the other consoles," Spencer said of the news. "Just four games, not a change to our fundamental exclusive strategy. We're making this decision for some specific reasons.
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