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Phillip W. Spencer III:"Xbox’s aim with Call of Duty is to give players choice, not "do slimy platform things" that make one option more appealing."



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We NeoGaf support Phillip=3 💍🙆‍♂️🙅‍♂️💍
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Phil, acting like they never done a 3rd party exclusives before.

Dont they have Ark 2 still coming out as a 3rd party exclusive?
Who stopped Octopath coming to Playstation?

Who went out and bought Bethesda to initially make them exclusive?

Who pays Sega not to mention Sega games are coming to other platforms?

Slimy is more of a word suited for what defines Microsoft’s approach to business. Keep paying those shills to spin your stories Phil you old bloated c$&t of a slimeball.
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All that shit that came out from the Activision acquisition shows that there is no company more slimy than Microsoft. Funny how they tried to outspend sony but ended up going multiplatform instead because of how poor xbox hardware sales are. Phil spencer is still trying the good guys act that we all know is bullshit. Xbox just had a great show but he always messes it up by saying stupid shit.


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Didn’t Xbox kick all that shit off in the 360 days with the timed exclusive map packs?
Disingenuous comparison. They had the map packs exclusive for a month. The PS version of COD locked operators, exp boosts, game modes, additional load out slots, etc to the platform for the life of the title. For a cross-platform game it was annoying because if someone equipped a PS exclusive operator and then went and played on PC or Xbox they’d be reset to a default operator.


Call of Duty for everyone with more choice than ever before. Play it on PS5, Xbox, PC, or subscribe. Soon Switch 2. No timed exclusivity for betas or perks of any kind.


No one is upset CoD isn't exclusive to Xbox apart from some Xbox fans.

But we will rip someone apart for being hypocritical and disingenuous and trying to paint themselves as good guys when the only reason they have changed their strategy is their own hardware isn't worth supporting with exclusive content anymore because it bombed.

No you're not doing this for the good of gamers, you're doing it because your shit hardware sales and huge investments have forced your hand.
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But he was when he made Starfield exclusive, when they moneyhatted rise of the tomb raider, when they moneyhatted Stalker 2.

If MS hardware hadn't tanked they'd obviously still be going for exclusive content.
Nigga you bought Bethesda and cancelled the Starfield PS5 port.
Stop the cap already.
He loves saying whatever sounds honorable to the ppl

Timed or permanent release exclusivity is different from what’s being referred to here.

You pay the same $60 or $70 for the same game as others on different platforms, yet get less content.


Someone has been spending too much time on the fanboy discords.

You can see the salt all the way from here lol.
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Yet Microsoft does it first during the 360 era they done it with tomb raider and they stopped sony getting 3rd party exclusives on which Microsoft was doing anyways buy buying the publishers and stopping some games coming to the ps5 completely. Microsoft has enough money to do what sony was doing 3rd party exclusives they completely could of competed if they just brought studios. Yet in a way they were trying to out spend sony to get sony out of the console market


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WTF is this fool talking about? One version is on Gamepass day one. That automatically makes it more appealing than dropping £70 on it.

Let's also be honest here. What Sony did originally with COD and paying for third party exclusives was scummy, but it's not as if Microsoft didn't do the same and arguably worse.

Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, Philip.
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