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PhotoshopGAF: Slap a video game title on an appropriate but unrelated movie poster


Was getting caught part of your plan?
So I think about 5 years ago, I saw an interesting gallery on Kotaku featuring a bunch of photoshoppers taking actual movie posters but swapped their movie logos/titles with video game ones, in a way that both the film poster and the video game title perfectly complimented each other .

(Hell for all I know, those photoshops came from GAF)

Anyways, I was thinking that maybe a bunch of us who are photoshop savvy can replicate that kind of effect, especially now that we got more games and movies since then to mix and match with each other.

I cooked this up in Photoshop as an example. Basically I pretty much slapped Destiny on the Oblivion poster and the end result is that it kinda passes off as a pretty convincing poster given how the aesthetics of both the game and film are kinda similar to each other.

So PhotoshopGAF, show me yo' moves.


I'm not great with photoshop (since I have never used it) but I'm eagerly awaiting more posts in this thread. Also might be a good idea for people who post to mention the two parts of the combination in case some people don't know

The Jer

I'm gonna be totally honest, I was hoping you were starting a trend where EVERY SINGLE post after this was about Destiny.
I was hoping for this, too.
This thread only has a few posts and I'm already laughing out loud at what's here.
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