Pics that make you laugh |OT9| Finn & shapeshifting dog, but no time for adventures

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for an imagine, I would appreaciate finding it with your help. The image is a vertical "comic book" style story with panels where a person meets a girl, lives a happy life with the girl and when you scroll all the way down you see that it was all just a dream. I would massively appreciate your help with this :)
I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but it came immediately to mind:

I appreciate these existential memes coming from Blanchot. I'd post in here more, since i've always lurked, but this is my main place for funny pictures. I don't come across much of them elsewhere.
Good lord this thread is depressing af. That kitten gif is just the nail in the coffin. And thanks for wasting my gd time with that Simpsons dump, wouldnt want to meet whoever wasted their time putting that all together.

Oh well. 2017 has been shit, and memes are really starting to reflect the public consciousness of that, I guess.