Pics that make you laugh |OT9| Finn & shapeshifting dog, but no time for adventures

Keep working on your craft. One day you will have perfected it.
I know. It's frustrating me. Trying to post from the phone at work and failing. And failing pretty damn badly.

So imagine you're standing behind me looking over my shoulder. You'd be laughing.

Do mental images count?
This is Nintendo's plan:
1. Leak "final specs" to one website that is credible
2. Fans/everyone get upset
3a. Show actual specs in January
3b.These specs are the rumored "XBone power"
4. Everyone goes crazy and pre-orders
5. Switch becomes best selling console of all time
Posts that make you laugh
That's pretty good art for a trite and overused web-comic topic.
It's a meta web comic joke. The first panel is the artist saying that they will be productive on the day, which they are as demonstrated by the highly detailed comic they drew. The other 2 panels are unrelated