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Pics that make you laugh |OT9| Finn & shapeshifting dog, but no time for adventures


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Considering they all threw Rowling under a bus because of virtue signalling all the actors in that movie turned out to be brats.

Still good movies though.
i've never really liked emma. i remember yeeears ago i think probably around the 2nd or 3rd movie she said some shit like "I've made £10 million so i never have to work in my life". I know she was probably only like 12-14 years old at the time but it pissed me off lol. she's always came across as a snooty little bitch.

daniel and rupert i've always liked. i'm not aware of any comments by Rupert and Daniel being Harry Potter has the most pressure on him so I can understand he needs to play it safe. I don't care what he says but he owes his entire life to Rowling. They all do but Daniel more so of course.

As for the movies, I have saw them countless times and will always have a soft spot for them. I wouldn't say they are perfect by any means but I enjoyed them. I'm rewatching them (again) and all i keep thinking is we need a new screen adaptation. the HBO show couldn't come soon enough imo. I just hope they don't fuck it up.
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