Pikmin 3 release date: Japan July 14th, US August 4th



July 13th in Japan!!

UPDATE: Pikmin 3 is coming August 4.

Since you guys asked so nicely, here's a release date for Pikmin 3: August 4. pic.twitter.com/h6ceglAiCB

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I...I think I have to go on media blackout for Pikmin 3 now. This is getting too good to spoil the rest of it.

God help me when Japan gets it and I'm still waiting weeks afterwards.


Should probably not trust the 7-11 security cameras quite so much
Why the fuck doesn't North America have a release date exactly?
Waiting till E3, I guess. They want to splurge a bunch of trailers and release dates on us and then start releasing first party content through to the end of the year. Wario in June after E3, then Pikmin, then Wii Fit, and on to the holidays.

I'm really not trolling when I say this, but why are the graphics....well....why aren't they that great?
I think it looks absolutely beautiful but the answer to your question is that is started out a Wii game.
Box art looked awesome, the graphics look nice too. Shibata said it'll be here in Europe in the 'coming months' and we'll get info 'gradually'
Because the game was probably originally planned as a Wii game and then switched to Wii U, so they didn't bother to put significant effort into the graphics. It would be ridiculous if the game only got out in Europe in August though.
That's a shame. It should a be a major showcase for the system. There are so many opportunities for cool graphical effects. It just seems so flat....

That being said, Pikmin on a touchscreen could potentially be pretty freaking great.