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Planning on buying an e-reader, need tips

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Oct 17, 2005
I've been looking into buying an e-reader to clear out thousands of paperbacks currently filing my house, but then I remembered I've got an iPad Mini that's surplus to requirements. What's the tablet experience like compared to e-ink? I know with e-ink there's no glare or reflections and the battery will last longer, but with a dim screen in a dark room I can't imagine the iPad will be too far behind?

I have both and greatly prefer reading on my Kindle.


Aug 9, 2009
Not even comparable, the Kobo lasts me for a minimum of 2-3 weeks between charges, and that's with the backlight on.

Ah sorry, I meant the overall experience, not battery life. i can keep it charged by the bed so battery won't be an issue.

I just put grabbed a couple of free e-books (Frankenstein and Dracula, been a few decades since I read those) through the iBook app so I'll give e-reading a try on the iPad tonight. The app seems fine on first inspection, with brightness and text settings just a click away. If the glare or reflection gets annoying I might be back for advice on e-ink devices.

I have both and greatly prefer reading on my Kindle.
Reasons being..?
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