Platinum Games: Bayonetta 2 trailer was real time

Wonderful 101 looks better than Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 should look better than either. Levels in Bayonetta were very simple backdrops, it'll be interesting to see if they are a bit more complex this time around.
But what about the gameplay?

That gif doesn't particularly impress or excite me in any way, but the monster sure does look cool.
"was assumed to be CGI and not real-time graphics"

By who? It was clear as water that it was real time lol
Not going to lie, I actually assumed at first it was CGI as well because I didn't think Nintendo would show anything real time from it until E3.

Excited to see the first trailer!
Yeah, looks cool, can't really tell much about the engine from a 2 second clip though.

I really enjoyed Bayonetta for the combat but I can't get over how horrible she looks. I thought the enemy design was really boring too. Hopefully this one is a bit more visually pleasing to me.
Yeah, the first game didn't use pre-rendered cutscenes in the main game at all. The only pre-recorded stuff was the "show" at the end of the credits.
Right, they might have thought it CGI since the game's so early in conception and assumed they might not have had enough time to get anything decent in real time yet.
It's looking pretty good if the entire game will look like that, with that painting like after effects following the claw and all the rain. Now I can't wait to see more.