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PlatinumGames' Transformers Devestation trailer (PC/XB1/PS4/360/PS3, Rising Director)


Oct 18, 2011
Watch it here.

Thanks Svartafaran!

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(Much more at the link)

Weapons are mapped to the d-pad, and you can have any four items equipped at one time, as long as at least one of them is melee and one is ranged. Prime’s ion blaster made short work of Decepticon jet seekers as they flew by overhead, while ground-based soldiers are easy targets for my energy axe. Platinum plans to include around 150 distinct weapons in the game, including everything from Wheeljack’s wrenches to sniper rifles, homing missiles, and weapons that fire slowing gel.

As I explored the Earth-based city, I occasionally found hidden item caches with randomized loot. Rewards are sometimes one-time consumables, which can apply effects like increased item-find rate, or a higher health total. Other drops are new weapons, all of which carry a quality rating between 1 and 99. Play on a higher difficulty setting, and the quality of the loot increases, offering a suitable reward for tackling the bigger challenge.
After racing through the city streets in Sideswipe’s sweet sports-car mode, I came across a Teletraan Uplink station, linking me up to the Autobot’s home base and computer. By entering the point, I’m teleported back to headquarters. Here, I’m able to change characters as well as engage in Devastation’s crafting system. Two different weapons can be synthesized together to create a better version that shares the best traits of the parent weapons. In addition, the Teletraan computer also allows me to craft new T.E.C.H. items. I pay money (acquired as loot during missions) to get a chance at a timing-based crafting mini-game, which determines the final quality of the T.E.C.H. item I receive. These items can provide a boost to an existing stat, and must be equipped onto individual Autobots into one of several T.E.C.H. slots.
And to show off that the game is more than just a story mode, Activision revealed that Platinum is also implementing a challenge-game mode that includes 50 escalating objective-based combat missions, which are said to be wildly difficult.

Until I’ve had more time with the combat system, it’s hard to say with certainty how well the combo-based action will hold up over a full game. However, my early play test left a strong impression, both that Platinum has brought their A-game to this property, and that the developer understands the fun and overblown nature of the Transformers property. I’m eager to get the full dose of ‘80s nostalgia when Transformers: Devastation releases late this year.


Nov 30, 2010
Terrible trailer. Still have no idea if it's gonna be another Korra or sth closer to the rest of P+'s catalogue.


Apr 11, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
And it's going sell way better than 99% of Platinum Games' other titles. Not commenting on the quality of the game, but there's your answer for everyone asking why this is being made.

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Do we know if it's a small-scale project like Korra or a full retail title?


May 15, 2005
I love Platinum Games and kinda like the original Transformers, but that left me cold. :(


poor, homeless and tasteless
Feb 1, 2007
A G1 Transformers game in character design and cell-shade style? Gotta keep an eye on this! :D

*looks at disappointment in thread*

What the hell were you guys looking for in a transformers game? Maybe it's because I grew up a G1 fan, but I'm hyped. :D


Dec 5, 2013
I think it looks pretty great, but this trailer didn't show us anything that the still screenshots didn't. I'm anticipating seeing more gameplay

Do we know if it's a small-scale project like Korra or a full retail title?
It's meant to be a full retail title