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Player Beats Elden Ring By Using Only Their Butt


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

One of the most popular Elden Ring Youtubers, Distortion2, has taken up an all-new challenge where he completes the entire game by just using his butt. Yes, you read that right. To beat the game, the player starts with the Ash of War Ground Slam, in which the character slams his body onto the ground and hits enemies with their butts. Over the course of the game, they change to even powerful Ashes of War such as Golden Slam and Erdtree Slam, but the motive remains the same — to use their butts. This is the only mode of damage the player uses in the entire game, and they actually manage to complete it in just over 2 hours.

While this entire idea might sound quite hilarious, it is painstakingly difficult if you consider the challenges one would face while doing this. The Ground Slam Ashes of War is effective at a very close distance, and unless the character actually lands on the enemy, it will barely deal any significant damage. Considering the sheer proximity at which players need to attack, the challenge gets significantly difficult there itself.

On top of that, the attack animation is quite long. From jumping to landing on the enemy, the entire process takes quite a bit of time and in that, there is a very good chance that the enemy will hit you. Since you can’t even dodge midway, you have to wait for the right openings to be able to deal any kind of damage to the enemy. That being said, the Ash of War has quite good damage even early on in the game. Coupled with the decent poise break it has to offer, one can actually take down enemies very quickly if they use the strategy.



By the title of the topic, i thought the player shoved a controller between his butt cheeks and played like that.

Let me know when someone does that btw.
I'm extremely disappointed. This could have been a new twitch meta.
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Shouldn’t this be in the “Best Butts in Gaming” thread?

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