Playground Games (Forza Horizon) developing "visually stunning" racer

Playground Games, the studio behind last year's open world racer Forza Horizon, is developing a "visually stunning", "genre-leading" racer, according to job ads listed by the developer.

The game is referenced by multiple ads on Playground's website, which ask for candidates who are "fanatical about cars and car culture, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the auto industry... [and] a strong working knowledge of vehicle mechanics and car setup", and with an "excellent working knowledge of, and a real passion for, the racing genre".

"Working at senior level in a team of rendering engineers, you will be responsible for implementation of cutting edge rendering techniques," reads an ad for a Rendering Engineer. "Engineers with in-depth knowledge of current-gen consoles are ideal for this role, as you will innovate on this technology to produce a visually stunning title."
Via Videogamer

Edit: Seemingly Forza Horizon 2



Horizon needs to die and be re-birthed as the New PGR. Forza already has its base. Time to bring back good old PGR...or even MSR!
After Horizon I'm ecstatic over a Plaground Games racer on the Xbox One.

What other racer has so much going on there's even a rock concert happening near the road when you look out your window? LOL

I can't imagine what they'll do with more power.
Screwing my self out of their next game for not buying a Xbone. Forza Horizon is probably my favorite racer right after Underground. Hope everything's goes great with their next-gen entry.
Good! I have nothing against horizon as a game I think it's marvelous. But I hope there's a different location this tone around.
A more varied environment would do Horizon wonders. I got tired of all the deserts and cliffs in Horizon pretty quickly, but if they add a city into the mix, that would be awesome. Also, having Rally at launch this time would be huge.


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PGR is dead, MS has a bigger brand now and that is Forza, and Forza now can be sim or city arcade racers or open world as we have seen before, it's done, PGR is not coming back.
I could imagine that they put Forza in the title just to disclose that it uses assets from the Forza games. Then the rest could be 100% PGR.


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this will be amazing. i hope they incorporate rally off the bat with the sequel, forza horizon's rally DLC was fucking awesome. also, lets get an actual city somewhere in the world so it can feel even more like PGR. lastly, its guarenteed to have real time of day, weather must be next. i want rain! i want that to turn to snow as i race up a mountain. and i want both rain and snow to accumulate!

oh, but please, get rid of the terrible rubberband ai


7 months? So Forza Horizon 2 a fall 2014 release pretty much confirmed, still disappointed that PGR looks like it's dead and buried for good but Horizon was an excellent game so I'm pretty excited to see what this really talented team will do with the sequel.

Forza Horizon 2 may be the game that finally compels me to want to buy an Xbone. Hmmmmmm
Same here, to be honest as far as exclusives go from what we know thus far only Horizon 2, Below & Quantum Break will probably make me buy the system, PS4's exclusive line-up looks even less interesting but they still have things to show.
People want a new PGR but the game never sold well despite being an awesome racer. I don't think they will make another PGR but you can be sure they will make another Forza which can play a lot like PGR.