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PlayStation 25th anniversary message from Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan

May 22, 2018
December 3 is the 25th anniversary of PlayStation. Sony decides to celebrate the situation with a free copy of a Monster energy drink motocross game on ps+. Sweet.
Aug 5, 2011
I love the PlayStation library, I was never much into Backwards compatibility or retro gaming before.. Mostly because I was there on day one December 1994...., I owned the first gen PlayStation 1, PS2 , PS3 Fat, then Slim and so on, until the PS4 Pro...

This summer I had this sudden urge of nostalgia and I went out and bought a PS Classic, dusted off the ol' PS2 Fat, and restocked on some classic gems, and now I have every single generation of PlayStation plugged into my living room TV. I find myself playing the PS One and the PS2 a lot lately.
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Dec 17, 2018
I really hope Ps5's load up screen is cool.
Don't care if it's 90's cheese it'll be fun regardless.


Nov 4, 2017
san diego
I remember it like yesterday. Rented one from Blockbuster for a few days when it came out, then the day after Christmas I found a Toys R Us that had one left, everywhere else was sold out. Went there with cash from Christmas and money I put to the side, walked out with it along with Tekken & NFL Gameday.

24 years later, woof!
I remember the first Christmas it came out. My dad got it for us but we weren't well off. He couldn't afford any games for for a couple of months and we played the shit out of the demon disc that came with it 😂 our first game was the original ridge Racer and some NHL hockey
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Jun 27, 2019
Good memories of the PS1.

I had heard of it from my gaming magazines but in my head I was meh, the Mega CD wasn’t that cool, this looks meh, I was still on the Megadrive. How wrong I was. I went to my friends house, and the PS1 blew my mind I was 14 so it wasn’t until 1996 I saw it, So not quite 25yrs ago for me but almost.

He had Soul Blade, the Demo of Tekken 2, FIFA & Destruction Derby and that’s all it took to convince me I needed one, course my other friend got one first later on in the same year and had Worms, Tekken & something else.

3D style games after playing 2D for so long felt so surreal, it must’ve been how in the old days people felt going from Black & White TV to colour the first time, we probably won’t really get that feeling of wonder in that much of a leap anytime soon (apart from maybe VR)
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Apr 17, 2007
My sister and her boyfriend bought a ps1. He also bought the first Fifa and we played the hell out of it. We found a way to make shots from almost half the field and would kick it against each other, good times. Somehow i ended up with the system. Don’t have it anymore. PS1 is probably my favorite console.


Jan 1, 2017
The first PlayStation is still my favorite PlayStation. I just knew in late 1994 that I would have to get a PlayStation because of Ridge Racer.
Especially when I saw the screenshots in the (dirt cheap) first issue of Ultimate Future Games.

Hahahahahahaha Oh my God, I have totally forgotten how videogame-centric magazines were designed
hahahahahahahahahaha No wonder everyone gave me a weird looking when reading those :-D


Sep 17, 2019
The original Playstation was a great machine. I became more of a Saturn guy due to its library of exclusives and nearly arcade-perfect ports, but Sony really knew unlike Sega what "next-gen" meant at the time.

Bigger, bolder, more mature games, with more content and story. Their arcade ports were enhanced with added modes, whereas Sega still gave us vanilla experiences at full price. It wasn't enough anymore. That and many other reasons. I love Sega to bits, but I gonna admit, Sony deserved to win.

Still got my original PSX with that ugly blue-ish BIOS. Played a lot of Rayman, Gran Turismo 1/2, Wipeout 3, Spyro 2, Castlevania, Tekken 3, Tony Hawk and FFVII in it. Good times indeed !


Apr 7, 2006
Until this point i quit to read the article.

Fix it man =)
Jim is cool, Sony is in good hands...……….He may appear rough but he has PlayStation and it's fans at heart......I'll take Jim over a guy who smiles/smirks and promises me good content everyday......Jim is all about delivery and milestones....

My sister and her boyfriend bought a ps1. He also bought the first Fifa and we played the hell out of it. We found a way to make shots from almost half the field and would kick it against each other, good times. Somehow i ended up with the system. Don’t have it anymore. PS1 is probably my favorite console.
Yes, played lots of Fifa 99, in that edition you could curl the ball from your keepers crease and bury it in the corner of the opposition's goal, so much fun......Bursting the nets in that game was one hell of a hype moment, you choose Roberto Carlos and you pump that ball as hard as you could, guaranteed net burster…….So much fan back then against friends and buddies...…..


Aug 20, 2019
Ahhh the PSX, still my favorite console to this day.
Even have the PS1 boot sound as theme for my PS4 since the 20 years anniversary.

Could honestly shet a tear thinking back about the good ol' times


Gold Member
Jun 11, 2015
Newport, UK
If Nintendo hadn't pulled out of the deal, we'd never have seen this day.

Didn't outright own a PlayStation console until the PS4, which funnily enough was it's 6th birthday just last Friday. Such a great machine, loved every moment i've had playing the great games it has. I've enjoyed the games that re-released on the PS4 from PS3 as i missed out the first time around, i know many people felt disappointed this was happening.

I do have some memories of PlayStation though, one of which was playing Tomb Raider II at my cousins house on his PS1. He had it chipped (but then, many people did) so i managed to play other games earlier than the UK release date. Did play on the PS2 at a friends house, he had Grand Theft Auto San Andreas he picked up on a midnight launch.

Never played San Andreas again until i picked it up on the Xbox360 via the Xbox backwards compatibility feature.

The only 2 PlayStation consoles that missed my attention were the PS3 and the PSP. The PS3 Network hack was something i missed, but certainly didn't miss out news-wise. Still remember seeing various videos of people crying the network was down as they couldn't play Call of Duty (or whatever online game they were into at the time).