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Playstation 3 Slim 1TB HDD CFW bundle

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Hello! I am selling my PS3 Slim with all the necessary accessories and cables. This system has custom firmware installed on it and is fully operational. System is in good condition with very minor scuffs. Check out the images below. Blu-ray drive is working as normal. Also, last year the thermal paste was replaced.

Items Included:

  • Sony PS3 Slim CFW 4.84 (CECH-2001A) - 1TB HDD
  • Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller (Red)
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Metal Gear Solid 4
  • Installed games/utilities - PM me for entire list or additional pictures/info

I am leaving the system as-is so it is your call if you want to format/erase the hard drive. You can choose to do so if you wish. It has over 60 PS3 games installed on it, a handful of PS2 and PS1 games, as well as Retroarch installed. I'm not going to list all the games but if you are interested, I can send the list through PM.

Asking $130 OBO via PayPal (price includes shipping). I'm only looking to sell within the USA due to shipping costs.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reply or shoot me a PM.

Thanks! :messenger_grinning:

Also, if this violates any rules/policies, I will respectfully remove this.


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