Playstation 3D Display - Pics and Info


bish gets all the credit :)

Building upon PlayStation’s commitment to technology and innovation, the official 3D Display from Sony
Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) delivers an incredible high-definition stereoscopic 3D experience to
gamers. Featuring a luminous 24” LCD screen with full HD 1080p 3D presentation, the 3D Display is
uniquely enhanced for gaming with a special feature for two-player mode, offering best-in-class visuals in
both 2D and 3D.

The exclusive feature optimizes two-player mode by delivering individual full HD screens, giving each
person their own full screen view of the action while playing co-op or head-to-head on the same display.*
The ultra-slim LCD screen delivers all of one’s HD media by connecting to a PC or cable TV box, while
built-in speakers and subwoofer fill out the audio experience.

Each 3D Display will include one pair of 3D Glasses for optimized gaming with a light-weight design and
built-in rechargeable battery, as well as an HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance®3 on Blu-ray disc.

3D Display
• 24”inch screen with full HD 1080p 3D
• Active 3D enabled with integrated 3D sync transmitter
• Special feature delivers individual full HD screen visuals** to each player in two-player mode
• Easy connectivity to the PlayStation3 system, Cable TV box, and PC through the 3 inputs
• Brilliant contrast and slim PlayStation inspired bezel design with Edge LED backlighting for
stunning and aesthetic visuals
• Built-in speakers and subwoofer for enhanced audio
• Quad speed frame sequential adopted for ultra smooth 3D gaming
* 3D Glasses and supported software are required to enjoy this feature
** Playback in full (2D) HD, not 3D

3D Glasses
• Best-in-class 3D quality
• Fully immersive vision
• Stylish design allows you to focus on the game with maximum comfort
• Minimizes 3D crosstalk and reduces “ghosting” effect
• Built-in rechargeable batteries let you play up to 30 hours without interruption


Available in North America this fall for $499.99 (MSRP). Package includes the Display, one pair of 3D
Glasses, HDMI cable, and a copy of Resistance 3.

The 3D Glasses will also be available as a stand-alone accessory in North America this fall for $69.99
MSRP. Package includes one pair of 3D Glasses and a USB Cable.
Too small, but a cool idea, especially for 2 players. Although 500 bucks is too much even with the glasses and game. (HDMI cables are 1 buck on amazon)
Lonely1 said:
The "exclusive" two player mode is kinda useless with such an small display, imo.
Not really, if anything it's a huge help for split screen gaming on a smaller display. Though I definitely want to see that type of tech move into larger screens eventually.
TacticalFox88 said:
Couldn't make it AT LEAST 32"? Sheesh Sony.
I think they were trying to target a $499 price point to get it in as many homes as they could. Although they could have made a secondary one.
I don't understand, does Sony think there's a large number of people with PS3s that don't have HDtv already? If there were, it would make a lot more sense for them to spend that $499 towards a non3D 42" plasma, than it would to buy this.

Also, why is it so chubby. It needs to work out and slim down.

It's seriously ugly, Sony should take a few notes from Apples, and specifically the iMac's display.

Plus for 24" it seems overpriced. It should be $399 and without Resistence 3 bundled in.
Or it should be 32" and $499 without Resistence 3 bundled in it.

Or $799 with both Resistence 3 and a PS3 bundled with it. Or $999 for a 42 inch display with a PS3 and Resistence 3.
I was hyped for this earlier... but $69 for glasses is still way too much, and 24" is pretty small (my current flat is 32"). I guess I spoke too soon when I saw the $499 price tag.

I guess it makes for a good small game room TV.


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Always wanted a PS branded TV, but now they just need to put a PS3 integrated in it and upped to 26 inch (a slimmer bezel too)
Since my Dell LCD suffers from burn-in on the top, I've been looking for a well-priced 3DTV/Monitor and this thing is perfect.

24in is fine for me as I sit at my desk to play, now I just gotta get 500 cash bucks!
Okay, so it's NOT a television.

It's a "display". As in, no TV Tuner built in. That's part of why it's so cheap. Okay then.

I look forward to seeing how this sells, since you're damn near reaching IPS monitor prices.
Digging it, at that size and price I'm trying to convince my fiance to let me get it since we need a bedroom TV and I'll free up the living room TV from my games if I get this.
2 player mode sounds pretty neat.

i sometimes play my ps3 on my 24" computer display and the size is fine (when i'm close). i guess for a secondary solution this would be okay, bedroom or dorm room maybe..


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I am tempted to buy this, simply because of all the gadgets/games etc I am buying this year may not make room for the 3DTV I am eying in time for all the great PS3 3D games. This would be nice to have in the meantime, especially because I was already eying a new monitor for my PC.
Well, okay then Sony. Now I seem to recall Sir Howard Stringer preaching about "Sony United" ever since he took over the company, how's about SCE share this technology with Sony Electronics so they can integrate the cool stuff into their regular 3DTVs? I'm planning to upgrade my current HDTV, a non-3D 52" Sony model I picked up about 3 years ago, to a 3DTV sometime in the next few years. If you want my money for another TV Sony, put these Playstation TV things into your regular TVs, especially the one where it feeds the alternate frames of a 2-player mode to each person's glasses because THAT IS FUCKING GENIOUS.


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jett said:
Stupid size and a stupid price.
Their Bravia Oled Tvs were small and expensive, and didn't sells, I think this will meet the same fate

The 2 players mode is fantastic idea, if they put it into some 32” or 37” Bravias it will be sweet.
The dual individual screen setup should be doable on any 3d tv, shouldn't it?

It's the ps3 that's handling it, the display shouldn't care what it's displaying alternatively.
~Devil Trigger~ said:
My Samsung HDTV is 26 inch

at the time i bought it for $500, I dunno why people are complaining...

This is not a television. Not sure if you realized that or not, so I thought I'd point it out. It's a monitor. It's priced as high as a high-quality IPS monitor.

Since it doesn't say otherwise, I'm going to assume this is a standard-backlit (non-led) baclit monitor and some unique features. If you primarily game on your monitor, it's worth considering.


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The splitscreen 2 player feature is very interesting, but I see no one on GAF talking about it. What gives?
iceatcs said:
Which graphics card will work on 3D HDMI?
Nvidia's cards all support it with "3DTV Play" but your resolution is limited to 720p due to HDMI's limitations. No idea if Sony will try to get this thing Nvidia 3D Vision certified for full 1080p 3D PC gaming.