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PlayStation 4 Pro |Launch Thread| PS4 Reloaded


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Aug 2, 2011

The PlayStation 4 Pro is a PlayStation 4 featuring twice the GPU power, increased CPU power, and additional RAM to notably improve the visuals and performance of PS4 and PSVR titles for both 1080p and 4K televisions, including producing high resolution output for many titles to allow quality 4K HDR gaming and higher graphical fidelity 1080p experiences.

Quick Start:
Titles Supported at Launch
List of 1080p Enhanced Games
PlayStation VR Benefits
Review Thread
How to move data from PS4 to Pro Thread | Blog
Selling your PS4 to get a Pro

Thanks to m0dus for feedback, talented PS4 theme making, and offering help for the thread.

Release Date: North America Nov. 10
Price: $399.99, $499.99 CAD
Software/Hardware: Shares same library as base PS4 and PSVR
In the Box: PlayStation 4 Pro console, 2016 Revised DualShock 4 controller, Mono headset, USB cable, Power cable, HDMI 2.0 cable


  • 4K HDR game output capability, both native and checkerboard (4K native launch titles include The Last of Us, Skyrim, and more - Checkerboard titles include Horizon, Spider-Man, and more)
  • Doubled GPU power, CPU overclocked to ~30% higher than PS4 CPU
  • Proprietary checkerboard technique to allow non-4K games to output near-native visuals
  • Captures 4K PNG screenshots, 1080p 30fps gameplay recording
  • Streams 1080p 60fps
  • Replaceable 1TB HDD
  • 3 USB Ports
  • Includes the revised DualShock 4 controller
  • Improved wi-fi chip for faster potential downloads
  • Offers many titles with enhanced 1080p modes and otherwise super-samples titles running above 1080p on 1080p TVs


GPU: AMD Radeon 4.2 TFLOPs
CPU: Overclocked (~30% more power) AMD Jaguar x86-64 8 Core processor
System Memory: 8GB GDDR5 + 1GB GDDR3
Internal Storage: 1TB
AV Output: HDMI, Optical
Power Consumption: Rated for Max 310w (Actual Power Use is Lower)
Dimensions: 11.6 x 12.8 x 2.1 inches

Existing Games:
  • Unpatched games that have already released will run identically to base PS4 performance.
  • All previous PS4 and PSVR games are eligible to be patched for Pro support by their developers.
  • Numerous existing titles will have Pro enhancements by launch day.

Future Games:
  • It is reported that all future PS4 and PSVR games must feature either a "4K mode" (above HD resolution, such as checkerboard technique), enhance 1080p mode, or both.
  • Titles that elect to only include a 4K mode will downscale that mode via supersampling for those playing on 1080p displays, providing increased IQ over base PS4 mode.

PlayStation Store will designate enhanced games. Look for this badge on retail packaging:

For a deep look at how 4K checkerboard works and much more about the hardware choices of PS4 Pro, read this Digital Foundry interview with PS4 Pro architect Mark Cerny: Inside PlayStation 4 Pro: How Sony made the first 4K games console

Horizon: Zero Dawn 4K Pro Screenshots

Hitman Pro Screenshots

Super high quality video:

Introduction Keynote in 4K Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Horizon: Zero Dawn Pro 4K Trailer
Mass Effect Andromeda Pro 4K Gameplay
Ratchet and Clank Pro 1080p Gameplay
Rise of the Tomb Raider Pro Tech Video 4K
Pro 4K Gameplay Sizzle Reel
Watch Dogs 2 Pro 4K Livecast
Days Gone Pro 4K Livecast

This is only part of the FAQ. For the complete FAQ click the link.

Also, many questions and helpful threads are listed in the Introduction of this thread so go back and check there for lists and discussion help.

From PlayStation Blog:
PS4 Pro: The Ultimate FAQ

PlayStation is introducing a new choice for console gamers with PS4 Pro, a powerful addition to the PS4 family. It’s designed to offer heightened gaming experiences, whether via your existing HDTV or a new 4K TV.

New Questions Added Nov. 3

Q: What type of buttons are on the front of PS4 Pro?
The buttons are mechanical.

Q: Is there anything else I should know if I own both PS VR and PS4 Pro, and a 4K TV?
If you’re playing a normal, non-VR game on your PS4 Pro, PS VR’s Processor Unit will output a 4K signal to a 4K TV — but in the YUV420 format only. The Processor Unit does not support HDR pass-through, so you will need to plug your PS4 Pro directly into your TV (bypassing the Processor Unit) to view HDR content.

Q: Can I use my PS4 Pro as a “second” primary account?
No, you can only choose one PS4 device to be your primary account.

Q: Can I install a new hard drive in my PS4 Pro?
Yes. As with both models of the standard PS4, you can replace PS4 Pro’s stock 1TB, 5400RPM hard drive relatively quickly and easily using just a Phillips head screwdriver. You will need to select a 2.5’’ (laptop PC sized) hard drive that is no more than 9.5mm thick.

Q: Are there any other changes to PS4 Pro’s hard drive interface?
Yes, PS4 Pro supports the faster SATA-III specification.

Q: Do 4K TVs suffer from increased input lag?
Not necessarily, but the phenomenon known as “input latency” or “input lag” may be an important consideration if you are considering buying a new TV to be used with gaming. The amount of latency differs by TV.

Many TVs feature a “Game Mode” or the like in order to reduce this latency as much as possible, but this performance can vary (e.g. by deactivating special features like HDR). If possible, try to test out a new TV before buying it, connecting your PS4 or PS4 Pro to get a sense of its overall gaming performance. In-depth professional reviews or user reviews can also be valuable.

Q: Can I use an external HDD with PS4 Pro?
As with the standard PS4, PS4 Pro does not support external HDDs for storing game files, but you can use it for storing a system backup, media storage, or save files.

Q: Does PS4 Pro support rendering in full, native 4K?
Yes. While PS4 Pro supports outputting a native 4K signal, many developers are leveraging powerful rendering technologies including a process called “checkerboard rendering” to best balance the heightened clarity of a native 4K signal with other rich graphical features and a smooth performance profile.

PS4 Pro: Basic Questions

Q: What is PS4 Pro?
PS4 Pro is a high-end version of PS4 that is capable of outputting 4K graphics, HDR support, smoother and more stable framerates, and 4K video streaming. Upon its launch, PS4 Pro will make supported PS4 games look better and run more smoothly, while giving developers an upgraded toolset to create even richer, more detailed game worlds. How these powerful new tools are used is up to individual developers and the experience they are creating. You may have seen some of these examples during PlayStation Meeting 2016.

It’s important to note that PS4 Pro is not another generation of console. It won’t make your current PS4 games obsolete, and it won’t split the PS4 player base. PS4 Pro is very much a part of the PS4 family.

Q: When will PS4 Pro be available, where, and for how much?
PS4 Pro will launch in the US and Canada on November 10 for a suggested retail price of $399.99 USD ($499.99 CAD).

Q: Will PS4 Pro have separate or exclusive games?
There will not be any PS4 Pro-exclusive games. Because PS4 Pro and the standard PS4 are members of the same family, both systems will be fully compatible with all past, present, and future PS4 titles, including PlayStation VR. All PS4 games are PS4 Pro games, and vice-versa.

Following PS4 Pro’s launch on November 10 in North America, virtually all new PS4 game releases moving forward will be able to take advantage of PS4 Pro capabilities on day one, or in some cases shortly after launch via a downloadable update. Some titles previously released will be updated to take advantage of PS4 Pro features, including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous Second Son First Light, Shadow of Mordor, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and more.

Q: Will all PS4 games be compatible with PS4 Pro?
Yes, all existing PS4 games are fully compatible with PS4 Pro. Developers are able to add PS4 Pro enhancements to previously released PS4 games via a downloadable update if they choose to.

Q: Will I need to pay to update my existing PS4 game with new PS4 Pro features?

A: While nothing specifically prevents publishers and developers from this, we don’t anticipate it at this time. Software updates enabling PS4 Pro features on any existing first-party title (such as inFamous First Light or Uncharted 4) will be free.

Q: Will SIE continue to sell and support the standard PS4?
Yes. PS4 Pro is an evolution of the PS4 generation platform, which will continue to include the standard PS4 system. PS4 Pro was designed for gamers who want to be at the forefront of gaming innovation. Whether you decide to purchase the new system or continue playing on the standard PS4 system, you’ll enjoy the same games that make PlayStation the best place to play.

Q: Will PS4 Pro require a 4K TV?
No. PS4 Pro can display much higher resolutions than the standard PS4 when using a 4K TV. But if you own an HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p), PS4 Pro can still improve your gaming experience.

Q: What benefits does PS4 Pro provide when played on a non-4K HDTV?
PS4 Pro offers benefits even if you play on a HDTV that isn’t 4K. Depending on how the developer chooses to use the increased processing power, games with PS4 Pro support are able to render higher or more consistent framerates, increased environmental and character model detail, improved overall visual quality, and other related visual enhancements. For a look at how games are using the power of PS4 Pro, watch some of the first game footage on our YouTube page.

Additionally, PS4 games that render below native 1080p (maximum quality for HD TVs) on the standard PS4 can be elevated to render at full native 1080p on an HDTV.

Q: Will PS4 Pro be compatible with my existing PS4 downloaded games, saved data, and PlayStation Network Friend lists?
Yes. PS4 Pro exists in the same digital ecosystem as the standard PS4 in all regards; two PS4 console systems, one PlayStation Network, one PS4 community. This means you can start playing a game on your PS4 Pro, upload the saved data to online storage using PS Plus (sold separately), and pick up your progress on a standard PS4 in another room. It also means that all content and saved data that you already own on PS4 are fully compatible with PS4 Pro on day one.

Q: What if I already own a standard PS4? Is there an easy way to transfer my games, saved data, and Share captured content from a standard PS4 to PS4 Pro?
Yes. You will be able to copy your games, saved data, captured videos and screenshots, system settings, and other content from a standard PS4 to PS4 Pro using a standard Ethernet cable. This process will also work from standard PS4 to standard PS4, PS4 Pro to standard PS4, and PS4 Pro to PS4 Pro provided that both units have system software update 4.00 or higher installed, and the same PSN account is signed into both systems.

Alternatively, you can log-into PSN with your PS4 Pro, access your games and content library, and re-download your previously purchased games and content. Of course, your saved data in online storage will transfer as well.

Q: Will the PS4 Pro system introduce any improvements to DUALSHOCK 4?
The latest version of DUALSHOCK 4 will be included with PS4 Pro, as well as the new slimmer standard PS4. But it does not introduce any significant new functionality. The new DUALSHOCK 4 allows the light from the light bar to emit on the touch pad, making a new luminous line that illuminates in the same color as that of the light bar. It also supports USB communication in addition to Bluetooth communication. Existing DUALSHOCK 4 controllers going back to the launch of PS4 are fully supported on PS4 Pro; the updated DUALSHOCK 4 will, in turn, be fully supported by every PS4 model.

PS4 Pro: Technical Specifications

Q: How does PS4 Pro compare to the standard PS4?
PS4 Pro is significantly more powerful than the standard PS4 model. PS4 Pro’s advanced graphics processor unit incorporates many features from AMD’s latest “Polaris” architecture, as well as some fully custom hardware innovations, and is considerably more powerful than the GPU included in the standard PS4.

All in all, this increase in processing power enables developers to tap into far more demanding visual features for PS4 Pro owners, including smoother or more stable framerates, support for 4K rendering, advanced graphics features, and more.

Q: What video output settings does PS4 Pro support?
At launch, PS4 Pro supports all of the HD video output settings found on the standard PS4. Notably, PS4 Pro introduces 4K output, with settings for both 2160p YUV420 and 2160p RGB (recommended if your TV supports it) at up to 60 frames per second when using a supported 4K TV and Premium HDMI (aka HDMI 2.0) cable.

Q: Does PS4 Pro support High Dynamic Range (HDR)?
Yes, PS4 Pro is fully compatible with the HDR10 specification at launch. HDR10 is a widely supported HDR format embraced by major entertainment companies.

Q: What is HDR?
High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is an emerging display standard that allows for massively increased color depth and greater contrast compared to Standard Dynamic Range, the decades-old specification currently employed by traditional HDTVs. In general, HDR-enabled content played on an HDR-compatible TV produces a noticeably fuller, richer image, that’s closer to what the eye naturally sees. That means much deeper black levels that retain finer details; brighter, more dazzling highlights; and a much wider color spectrum than is possible on older HDTV technology.

It’s actually impossible to demonstrate the true benefits of HDR technology here because you need an HDR-enabled screen and content to experience it. You can, however, watch this video from Sony that shows some simulated before-and-after scenes.

Q: Will PS4 Pro include support for Dolby Vision HDR?
There are currently no plans to support Dolby Vision.

Q: Does PS4 Pro require any specialized equipment?
Only if you want to experience 4K and HDR. Otherwise, no. Like the standard PS4, PS4 Pro fully supports existing HD TVs (720p / 1080i / 1080p). PS4 Pro can also output a 4K signal on supported 4K TVs when using a Premium HDMI cable (one will be included with PS4 Pro). To enjoy HDR features, you’ll need an HDTV that’s compatible with the HDR10 format, and HDR10-enabled games or content.

Q: Outside of higher gaming performance, 4K TV features, and support for 4K video streaming, are there any other benefits to PS4 Pro?
Yes. PS4 Pro will come standard with a 1TB HDD, faster Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), and a third USB 3.1 Gen.1 port on the rear of the unit. PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware can also benefit PlayStation VR games, enhance streaming features such as Share Play and Remote Play, and enable higher resolution output for media captured using the Share button.

In most other ways, PS4 Pro will be very similar to the standard PS4. This includes the user interface and functionality.

Q: Why do I need a Premium HDMI cable for using PS4 Pro on my 4K TV?
For maximum quality, you’ll need a PS4 Pro system, a 4K TV with a Premium HDMI input port (often marked in blue), and a Premium HDMI cable. A Premium HDMI cable is included with PS4 Pro, but those who need to purchase a longer cable should remember to get one that meets the Premium HDMI spec.

The newer Premium HDMI format can display a 4K signal at up to 60 frames per second (60Hz). Older High Speed HDMI cables (aka HDMI 1.4) can technically display a 4K signal on a 4K TV, but the performance will be limited to just 30 frames per second (30Hz).

Hey everybody. m0dus here. I’m going to talk to you about themes.

Dynamic themes.

In 4K.

So, you’ve got that fancy new PS4 Pro. You’ve got or are getting your fancy new 4K, HDR-capable (hopefully) television. One of the questions we’ve gotten in some of the PS4 Pro preview topics is, what about the themes?

Since the unit was announced and we secured our own dev kits, we’ve tried to see what elements work best within the PS4 Pro’s dashboard at 4K resolutions and with HDR enabled, and systematically tested most of our own themes.

What we found was what was expected:

The BAD news: Any themes that utilize “video” (which is really cycled, compressed animated Jpeg or Png loop) really don’t look all that hot, as the upscaling and tiling going on seem to accentuate compression artifacts at 4K resolutions. You’re limited as well by a fairly significant memory restriction in the resources allocated to a theme, so a "native" 4K res texture is out of the question. So pretty much anything you find on the store that uses this technique (and there are a ton) will suffer for it.

The GOOD news: Real-time theme elements, however, look awesome, especially if your monitor has excellent blacks.

Some themes also benefit from the upscale, as added samples seem to reduce pixel crawl.

So the |OT| advice there is, if you’re looking for a theme for your fancy new console, make sure it uses realtime elements to great effect, and steer clear of anything that uses "video".

Oh! And one more thing. For anyone that is actually still paying attention :)

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve gone ahead and dropped 135 PSN codes below this section. Just, you know, upended the bag on the table

Edit: All codes taken!

These are MY themes, and I've made sure they are themes that look good in 4k.

It’s a random sample, however:
-Not all are the same theme.
-Some of them will reward you one theme.
-Some will reward you a bundle.
-Some will reward you a game and bundle (the game will benefit from Pro support in VR, but the included themes will also look good in 4K).

Now all of these are North American PSN codes, however themes are region-free, so to redeem them you'll just need to create a NA account - (It's not my policy, it's harder to get vouchers from SCEE these days.)

Oh wait! before you hit reply! Are listening? there's also . . . one. more. thing.

This is also a raffle.

For all you lurkers out there, before you go and steal a code and run, before you do pay attention:

Post the number and code you claim in your replies. The person that redeems the 'special' code will get something else - something even better than a theme (yeah, I know impossible, right?).
So it is in your best interest to be kind to your fellow GAFfers and let them know what you've redeemed. I'll be searching the thread for the chosen key at a later time. Anyone posting double gets disqualified.

Also? I may be adding some more throughout the day, either in my own replies or here (don't worry, you'll know)

(Yeah. I've wanted to do this shit for a loooooong time.).

Lastly, for anyone curious, if you want to find these themes yourself, search the US PSN for "truant" on the web store. (or "VEV" on the EU web store.) I won't be posting links as that's not cool :)



Feb 23, 2014
Wow, I completely forgot this comes out tomorrow. I need to box up my PS4 for trade in.


Mar 3, 2015
Great OT! Nice to have discussion centered in one thread now :)

Or at least, until someone starts about how Scorpio or XB1S will bring native 4K to every game ever made

i hope i care about video games again by tomorrow

'Goodbye real world' until Sunday to cope with this shit

Coma Ecliptic

Jun 13, 2014
Chicago, IL
I initially wasn't going to get one, but I was too damn intrigued by the 4K checkers.

It's weird, but I have a plenty powerful PC with 980Ti, but I'm pumped for the PS4 Pro.


Feb 22, 2010
Birmingham, AL
I see it's somewhat mentioned in the OP; I'm planning on keeping my regular PS4. I have it hooked up to a gaming monitor and solely play Destiny and other PvP games on it. I may get a Pro for the living room and for when I get a 4K TV. Is it possible for me to sign in to both? (I will be deleting any games off the regular one that I won't be playing on it) I know I will have to re-install any games I have onto the Pro, but say if I want to play MWR MP on the original but then play the campaign on the Pro under my same PSN log on.


Oct 24, 2011
New Cross Gate, London
Yisssss. I suggested that title (among many others I'm sure lol)

I'm all aboard! Pro arriving tomorrow, 4k Tv arriving Tuesday. Boom.

Only suggestion for the OP would be to make the Questions in the FAQ bold just to make it all a bit easier to read.


Oct 23, 2014
So I guess EA / Dice really screwed up by not giving out any information regarding the PS Pro patch


Nov 8, 2013
Nice OP but "PlayStation 4 Pro |Launch Thread| PS4 Remastered" would be a better thread title imo.


Jun 6, 2004
Hitman doesn't look great in full-res but it looks pretty nice resized to 1080p.


Mar 12, 2010
I hope fallout gets a pro patch. Didn't realize it would be a possible simulator for things to come :p

Arrives tomorrow. Gonna be a slooowwwww day.


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Jun 2, 2006
PS4 wiped, deactivated and ready to trade. Pro ready for pickup tomorrow unless my Gamestop does a midnight launch. (Still up in the air)