PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale GTTV Video

It looks quite fun. Sony has a decent range of IPs and I think this will help to make them more widely known. It's not as if every character in Smash Bros has the same level of recognition as Mario.

The whining from Nintendo fans is hilarious.
The game looks...okay I suppose, I would need more to perk up my interest. I wonder who the final boss will be...maybe Polygon Man?

I will say this the unlikely event Sony gets Kazuma Kiryu to guest star in this, I WILL BLOODY DAMN WELL DAY ONE THIS GAME.
Roster is kinda meh right now, and the stages looked pretty washed out and bland. I'm not really a fan of them mixing different games together for the stages either. Sony doesn't have the same level of iconic recognition that Nintendo has for a lot of its series, so it just comes off muddled IMO.

I still think the game has potential, hopefully the cast can be the stand out. Though honestly, I can't really think of too many Sony characters that I really need to see. :/
There are 6 characters announced. Wait for reveals of bigger characters....e3 probably.
Guys I wrote up a timeline to explain the series of events that have taken place the last few months:

Late 2011 - leak revealing sony working on a smash bros style game
April 2012 - sony reveals smash bros style game
April 2012 - people are surprised

It's been crazy. Can't wait to see what happens next.

I think people are surprised because how much this looks like SSB. At least for me, I thought it was going to have massive differences from the game it's inspired from but that didn't turn out from at least the footage I saw >>


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There's really not much to say about this game. Balancing all these very tonally diverse franchises seems to have caused Superbot to go for a muted colour scheme, and it looks very ugly. Parappa's inclusion is cool. Other than that, looks just like Smash Bros,.
Part of my issue with the game is that there doesn't seem to be any cohesion...the characters in Smash might come from drastically different games but they made them all use a common style. Yeah stages varied but the characters all looked like they belonged in the same game, even Toon Link but this, there's just too much clashing visually

Oh and I had the shine outlining all of them. Looks bizarre and makes them standout even more
Yeah, VISUALLY the game doesn't come together nearly as well as Smash. Them having to outline the characters so you can keep track is evidence enough. It looks much too washed out.

EDIT: Although the characters aren't always highlighted so we're probably missing something.
I gotta agree with Gunloc about the stages. They did look washed out a bit, and not really all that impressive considering this is PS3, and the stuff in Smash Bros looked better.
Really? Have you played the online in this title?

Or are we just attributing all positive qualities to a shamless clone game from a developer with zero games under its belt?
Trust me, I've never seen a worst online than Brawl's, I couldn't even play with friends who lived 10 miles away from me.
I think it looks pretty great. I grew up on Playstation just as much as Nintendo, and I've been wanting a Playstation Smash Bros. clone for the better part of 10 years, so I'm happy.

How do you win though? I didn't see any health bars nor did I see anybody getting knocked out of the stage...
Crash Team Racing was awesome, but it was made by ND. These guys don't have a proven track record, and the game definitely has some underwhelming visuals. The last Smash Bros game I played was on the N64, so I'm not sure if this game is really for me.
Really? Have you played the online in this title?

Or are we just attributing all positive qualities to a shamless clone game from a developer with zero games under its belt?
This is the main problem. Almost every post about this game from now until release is going to be either "Smash has this and this so obviously Battle Royale will do it just as well or better" or "Smash has this and this and Battle Royale sucks because it will never be Smash" or some variant of the two.

This game will forever be linked to Smash Bros much like Battlefield 3 was to COD