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PlayStation Ireland clarifies tweet: ''N. Sane Trilogy will be coming to PS4 first''

Jun 6, 2009
All this fuss over a Crash game is actually making me think about picking the trilogy up. Will most likely wait for when it's on PS+, like Knack. (i.e. never :p)


May 3, 2011
Clemson Tiger Country
Hahahaha. Yeah, try that with children, a mortgage and everything else you have to pay for inbetween.

Not all of us adults can afford that, unless you mean I should neglect my children to buy gaming related goods? Great example I'd set as a parent.

Myself and my fiancee are living on full time wages and can't afford a new game per month, let alone just going out and buying all the hardware we want. So don't talk wet.
Well, that's true. My response was to a guy that called people "children" while acting like "investing" in a single system wasn't something people could understand. LOL

I'm a single dad, with 2 daughters. They both take Dance/Ballet, and one is a cheerleader. I'm very focused on my babies (that's why I have full custody of them :) ) I still buy all the hardware. I do that all on less than $50k a year. Be smart with money. I don't care about things like leasing new cars (I buy used, often with cash and have 3 of them), I don't buy the latest phones, I live in a nice home well within my means, etc. My "big money" goes into my main hobby (gaming) and my girls.

I made the mistake of living beyond our means from around the age of 26-29. Now that I'm in my mid 30's I've already learned a lot ;).


Mar 10, 2015
Actually I would argue the very point that you and others are making would lead to a one console future. Without exclusive content, why would you buy one console over the other?
This gen features 3 different PS4 models none of which have content that is exclusive over the other PS4's, mmhm, why could that be


Dec 31, 2015
You said it before editing it, hence the responses.

Even with the edit, your comment is bizarre. Why even go to the trouble of listing a load of third party releases and make a point of them not being exclusive ?
I worded it wrong, hence why I edited my post.