Playstation Meeting 2013 Thread: Go Fourth

Knack looks meh. Not really impressive and bland style IMO.

Killzone looks good I guess (need raw footage), but not like a big step up from the best offered on PC today. Gameplay was really boring though, I like the KZ games but this brought nothing new to the table apart from prettier graphics. Even the graphics style looked worse than previous titles, basically looked like Crysis 2.

Drive Club..., well team racing could bring something new, but I don't like that Sony has now another realistic street racer (not to mention that EA etc. will anyway bring them in the dozens). Seems like they want an equivalent to PGR. PS4 MotorStorm and PS4 WipEout would be more appreciated.

Second Son: Well, I guess an inFamous game can be good on more powerful platform, didn't see any actual gameplay I think so can't judge.

The Witness. Ok, indie thing still going strong. Good. Still don't know what to think about his game. The basic puzzle thingy in it makes it seem so simple.

Media Molecule... well I love LBP and I have Move but this didn't give me anything / I don't know what I should do with it.

Capcom engine: Looks ok, but have to wonder if that was actual scenes you could play. Oh and give me a PS4 Monster Hunter or you are dead to me :p

SE: lol? Showing old tech demo. Go away.

Not so good so far. Glad the console and its features sound very awesome though.