Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]

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works for Gamestop (lol)

GIFS: /!/kazhiraiceo / is where to go for our live coverage tomorrow. Things begin at 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT from New York with Stephen Totilo, Andy McNamara, Adam Sessler, Jeff Gerstmann and others. Will stream on the web and also work on all your mobile devices like our E3 coverage.
We'll be having this on Twitch as well! is the url.


Livestream IS A GO

UPDATE: We've confirmed with Sony that the event will be livestreamed. More details to come.


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Hallelujah! Great find, Wario.

Unless there's something stated about this shortly, I except to hear more on the 7th of February when Sony's next earnings release happens.

Really wanna see the PS4. Hopefully this is indeed it. If it is, glad they are revealing it a lot before E3.

Also lolz at three threads being created at once.
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