Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]

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This should be in the OP for the live stream (if a new thread is to be made).

Also, can anyone Kazify my avatar even further? I've used it for months but I want it to have elements that refer to the PS4/Feb 20 Playstation meeting.
I think most of the third party and some first party stuff will be saved for E3 along with updated builds of the games shown here.
I think they could get away with showing 0 games and just have a demo in their place (provided it's proven to be real-time, like they changed the lighting on the fly or something.)
Made this one for my avatar:

Step aside, Jack!

If I didn't suck so much at photoshop I would have done the whole scene, with Don Mattrick as Zed and Reggie as the other dude.
It's pretty exciting to be paying attention to a Playstation launch. PS3 occurred before I got the internet really, it was just a thing that happened and came out. Always interesting, regardless of whether you have a brand loyalty or not, to watch these kind of things.
Saw this fanboy quote from B3d in another thread and I got inspiration.

Sony greatly deceived 3rd parties this time around. Supposedly Ubisoft and Activision, as well as others were led to believe that the PS4 would be a low power A10 equivalent, that had access to 2GB of unified DDR3 ram.
Microsoft probably developed the Durango to exceed that.

The Durango suffers in the long term as a consequence of Sony's lies and deceit. It's just not fair.
All part of Kaz "Blofeld" Hirai's master plan.

This really is the best thread of all time. Plus we have..

- 15 more days
- The actual event
- The Microsoft announcement of their keynote
- The Microsoft keynote (whenever that is)
- E3

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