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Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]

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This is the best thing to ever happen to me on the internet. I want this thread forever.

I know this has been asked profusely around here, but I want everyone on gaf to know just how firmly my ass is glued to the hype train. If anyone wants to give a go at turning my avatar into a Kazatar, it will be much appreciated.



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i know its highly unlikely but id love too see this thread if they didnt announce the playstation on the 20th.

i have believed to many rumors before and i just dont wanna believe lol
Do we know whether this Playstation meeting is PS4 only or is there a chance for a Vita pricedrop (despite what Sony has said)?

the gifs are killing me btw.
Can someone do end of the Two Towers. Have Kaz be Gandalf leading the charge down the hill.

Have someone be Aragorn telling Theoden about riding out. Not sure who those characters should be.
Well, obviously not, PS4 is a given I think. I was just wondering if they were letting the Vita shine a bit.

I really want a Vita price drop too, but it seems more realistic that they'll announce a PS3 price drop on the 20th (it didn't happen with the SuperSlim, iirc).
They might save the Vita price drop for E3, so Vita wouldn't be totally left out of their press conference.
that looks like the pope's hat from sideways : /

Also the design seem unrealistic because it won't be able to stand horizontally, and the huge bottom just doesn't make sense


wtf is that horror

im not expecting apple like design from sony but i dont wanna simuletaneously cry and vomit everytime i look over at the thing
I secretly hope these guys, who do all the god awful renders of future systems, never get a job in that respective field, because the stuff is just horrendous...
but simultaneously, i wouldn't be surprised if it is...no matter how it looks, people are going to whine when it's first showcased..and after ps3 super slim and the new xbox, anything is possible...

but honestly, ps3 was far superior in terms of looks compared to 360/wii..my glossy first Gen still looks sexy as hell
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