Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]

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People make so much of the kaz 'not going first' comment when the context of that comment was not clear and he may have been as easily referring to Nintendo and why Sony didnt't go before them, as MS specifically. I expressed skepticism at the time that the comment meant all that people thought it did.
I think he said they were in no rush and the MS could make their move so the press takes that and prints the headline '"You First Microsoft" says Sony'.
A redesign ain't happenin for the Vita for like another year. Frankly other than HDMI out I don't see it needing one. Unless there is one with built in memory or a cheaper screen to release a cheaper model.
It's definitely the PS4. PS Meetings aren't for hardware refreshes or new services.

I think the other big news is that this PS Meeting is being held in the US for the very first time.
I don't understand why people think it would be anything other than the next playstation. The idea they can't release any PS3 software after it's announced is just dense.
My thoughts exactly. I just pointed out in my previous post that Sony did indeed release several major 1st party titles for the PS2 after the announcement of the PS3.
I agree that I think they will be very sketchy on the details. They'll just literally announce the system, and some software plans perhaps on both console and handheld side. I'd love for there to be some cross-functionality Vita announcements but I doubt they'll do anything like that this early.
I like how everyone thinks it's PS4. I really like the optimism but I feel pretty comfortable in saying this has nothing to do with PS4. Facts are:

- Kaz said they would let MS show their hand first. MS is definitely not announcing prior to February 20th
- Sony has 3 big 1st party games still coming for PS3 (TLOU, GOWA, Beyond) with GOW less than a month after Feb 20th and TLOU less than 3 months after it. A PS4 announcement would undoubtedly negatively effect the sales of those games.

IMHO I think the most likely scenarios are:

1) PS Gaikai - rental service for PS services. Play legacy PS games on a browser, tablet. Play PS1/2/3 on vita with a lower res for the PS3 games. Play PS4 games on PS3 with lower res, etc
2) PS Vita 2000/XL/Tablet/Phone/Mini/Whatever along with a price drop. Took 3 years for the first PSP redesign, but the 3000 and the GO were just 1 year apart. Times have also changed, 3DS XL came some 15 months after the 3DS and the vita sales are pathetic but they said they want the vita to be around for the long haul. This is the best time to try to revive it and relaunch it as if they try to announce a redesign/price drop AND the PS4 at E3, the Vita news will get swallowed by PS4 hype
3) Games. Not as likely because they won't show PS4 games and all big PS3 games that are coming out have already been announced and are pretty much set in stone. It would be mainly major vita games to try to revive the platform like Nintendo tried to do with the WiiU on the last Nintendo Direct. Maybe show big 3rd party games, if R* was indeed working on it like they were rumored to be, get their game out there, or something like that.
4) PS4 announcement. I conceive it's possible, but Sony would have to be pretty fucking dumb to announce it on the 20th
First mention of PS3 officially - with all the info, trailers etc. - was E3 2005.

PS2 was unveiled at a PS meeting though.
Aaah sorry. I wasn't actively following the PS3 unveilings, I just remember at the Vita meeting Sony saying: "we last saw you when we unveiled ps3" or something to that effect. Thanks for clearing it up though :) .
This thread is moving to damn fast. I just want to repost this in case anyone missed it. Anyone willing to take any bets? I would almost be will to bet my account if this is a ps4 announcement and it doesn't go like this.

I would definitely be willing to change my avatar to whatever of anyone choosing, and Vise versa. We have to lay down the ground rules though.

I don't think they'll do hardly any of that. You guys will likely be pretty disapointed about the actual details and amount of info revealed.


-PS4 anouncement with concept images. in right bottom hand corner it will say "subject to change"

-Speech about there overall direction for the console and what they think it means for the industry.

-very very basic details of the device.

"See you at E3!" on the last slide. THE END

This will close out the very end of the meeting. It will be preceeded by trailers and info for GoW: A, Beyond: Two Souls(whihc may get a release date), and The Last of Us. Sales updates for PS3 and Vita, AND pricedrops for both. OH almost forgot, a couple sizzle reals throw in showing Vita and PS3 software for good measure.

As an executive, I'd doubt you'd want to send out invitations to your institutional investors for a meeting like that, unless you want to create the kind of bad feelings that end up in executives losing their jobs.
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