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Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]

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That's "Dr." dofry to you.

He's Kazuo Hirai,the President and CEO of Sony.

I need to know the story behind this gif. Enlighten me.

EDIT: Found it. PUNCH.


Hey guys, love the gifs and the pictures.

Was wondering if anyone could Kazify this Terminator poster into a avatar for me:

But without the sunglasses, and instead of Schwarzenegger i want it to say Kazinator

Couldn't help making two.



The teaser is at 4.5 million views at this time.
That's great but if Sony wants everyone to know about this event they need to advertise this shit and 'See the future' should be the tagline shown in the video along with the event timings and the link to the PS Blog for this to be effective.


He's Kazuo Hirai,the President and CEO of Sony.

Thank you, sorry if I offended someone by mislabeling him as Chinese, I'm not well versed in Chinese culture but I do know that they had a tragic nuclear disaster 2 years ago at Fukushima.
As someone pointed out he's South Korean.
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