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Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]

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Just make the gun shoot dollar signs and have Don be swallowed up by a pile of cash. Funny and censored for the sensitives in the room.

Haha damn. 2nd best gif in this incredible thread.

I can't wait until the 20th - the build up in the few hours before the livestream will be crazy!

Should we expect server errors?
I have no problem with the gif as is, I just think a more 'cartoony comedy' version would go over better for most people... including the mods.
Threads like these are why I love GAF. Simultaneously laughing my ass off while getting hyped about video game stuff.

Great to see the thread has had an official Sunhi Legend christening.
Not open for further replies.
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