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PlayStation Now games for April 2021: Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3 and The Long Dark


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Do I have PSNow with my PS+ ? do I need to stream the game?
No, and no.. only games that wouldn't otherwise run natively on a PS4 can't be downloaded from PS Now (PS1-3 games that don't have a PS4 version).

But it's a separate sub; you can get a cheap month to try it out or pay $60 for a year if you want. It's quite a bit cheaper than GamePass's MSRP if you buy the year.


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Good thing that Smart Delivery was just PR bluff, amirite.

Also from programmer point of view, it's really simple shit, not deserving any sticker, but fuck me, gaming industry is not about who is better, it's about who fucking things more. It's S A D


I swear every month we have THE SAME DISCUSSION about how PS+ isn't "free." etc etc etc
How do people not get tired of discussing literally the same exact thing every month?

Person 1: Wow these are cool free games this month!


Can someone explain something? Has PSNow ever had limited releases like this before?

EDIT: Misread as PS Plus lol.
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