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Playstation only owners speak up, will you be buying an Xbox or a Going PC now

Playstation only gamers answer, will you be buying an Xbox or Gaming PC now after today's news

  • Yes I will buy an Xbox but will keep my PlayStation

    Votes: 26 17.0%
  • Yes I will buy an Xbox and sell my PlayStation

    Votes: 18 11.8%
  • Yes I will buy a Gaming PC but will keep my PlayStation

    Votes: 26 17.0%
  • Yes I Will buy a Gaming PC and sell my PlayStation

    Votes: 4 2.6%
  • No I will not purchase an Xbox or a Gaming PC, I will still stick to PlayStation only

    Votes: 79 51.6%

  • Total voters
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Didn't choose an option because none really apply to me.

I mostly stick with Sony out of habit and because I like the dual shock controller. Main reason I buy new consoles is to play RE titles and while I do buy lots of games, they're things I stumble on, outside of Dragon Quest and RE, there really aren't many titles that I need to own. (I also like Insomniac but they aren't system sellers for me, I just like R&C).

I'm open to buying a Series X but I have no reason to buy one, I'd honestly never use it. If MS bought Capcom and RE games were exclusive to that platform, I'd probably get an XBOX, that or PC but that day hasn't arrived so I'm not really concerned about it.
Got an old gaming PC for anything I wanna play from Xbox. I don't actually care much for any Bethesda or Activision IP to begin with though. Hellblade 2 is probably the next one I'll be picking up.

Deft Beck

It is impossible to get a PS5 right now, so I picked up an Xbox Series X as my first current gen console. Really enjoying it so far.

I usually end up buying all the current gen consoles eventually.
PS Only... cause I really don't have the time for more than one console. Also, I'm not really into Activision Blizzard games. I'm not very big into COD, actually from online murmurings and YouTubers "apparently" COD has be declining and this years game was "SHIT" IDK looked like a COD game to me... and maybe that's the problem 🤷‍♂️ Used to be big into Overwatch but that died down. Overwatch 2 is looking like a 1.5 update. Warzone is likely to be kept on PS consoles, it's an online only free game that just gets updated, so it might get treated like Minecraft.


All my friends are an Xbox so I'll grab one eventually. I actually intended to go with Xbox instead of Sony to begin with.


Its interesting, I bought a series X before Christmas, I had not intended to get one at all as I have a very good gaming rig (RX6800 and 3700X) and PS5 and figured I didn't need it, however I was already subscribing to game pass and a lot of games like psychonauts 2 lend themselves to console gaming a lot more than sitting in front of my PC so I made the jump and bought one. Honestly its the first xbox I am not regretting and I owned a few 360s and a Xbox One X.

I love PS and their exclusives and it will always be my go to console, its also unlikely I will buy much on the Xbox but Game Pass is such a good value proposition its really hard to say anything bad about it.


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nothing on activision interests me to be honest.

Sony´s exclusives are just so good that im not even thinking of changing systems although gamepass is very attractive


Nop. Im always 1 console only for a generation, waste of time and money owning more than 1 for me as i end up just using one while the others gather dust. MY PC is already old to play anything new but by the time ES6 comes out might buy or already have a new PC.
Activision does nothing to me, i dont play any games owned by activision. Bugthesda has more stuff for my tastes.


PS only.

Not interested in PC or multiple devices that are not portable that can complement a console library.

The only I can see buying is the Switch to complement my PS5 but I should wait a next-gen Nintendo portable system.

Why limit yourself so severely?


Lol this has been the console business forever. Sony built the playstation by keeping RE, MGS, FF, and GTA off of Nintendo consoles and PC.

I really dont understand this whole porting to PC strategy. Steam is bigger than both Nintendo and Playstation so why is it not in direct competition with microsoft, Sony and Nitnendo?

Besides, AIBs, Nvidia and AMD are in collusion and selling graphics cards for exorbitant prices whereas Console prices have remained the same because Sony and Microsoft arent crooks selling their consoles straight to miners. So the best way to get those PC gamers is to go out and get a top of the line AMD card and make a $800 console to get those PC gamers who are willing to spend $2,500 on such a PC. The market is there for the taking.
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I have a PC and with the xbox/gamepass integration I don't really see the point in buying xbox hardware.

I need a PS5 but I'll wait for a redesign because the current one is simply too big.


Wait, no Xbox, no Nintendo, and no PC gaming? that doesn't even computer in my head. I guess it's possible to live on one console, but man, you are missing everything.
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