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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for December 2022 Officially RTevealed: Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant

Yeah I'm out, cancelled the shit out of it.
This is cool for casuals that do not have any games.
But for me, it just a bunch of games I'm not interested in or already own.
The only thing of interest was the classics which is locked behind a £99 subscription and they don't even bother with it which is fucking insulting considering the price of admission.
Dude you can buy those games on the store, no need for premium tier bs. Usually you wouldn't want all of them anyway as like you said they aren't focusing a ton on them. If they launched all the ps1/ps2/ps3 rpgs and let the flood gates loose that would be different, but they don't.

Also if you bought the games previously when they were sold on ps3/psp/vita, you don't have to buy them again, you have them when they release.
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Gameplay trumps all and the new quality of life stuff in ME 1 and improved combat makes it a much better game. And yes it still looks better too, despite some small loss of atmosphere.
What improvements? One thing I loved about ME1 was it was a legit rpg. ME2 and 3 took out the inventory , bullets and armor and streamlined it for casual pew pew halo/cod players. I really hope that isn't what "quality of life" means.



On PC maybe but on console even with some of the negative changes I'd say its still preferable to the OG version at like 720p and 30fps with drops.

Specially on playstations where the ps3 versions had pretty shit performance.
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