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when is my burrito

Thanks to Goldrusher for the banner and Tntnnbltn and mad fuzzy for the help on the lists.

• Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1 was announced for PSN
• Watchmen games announced (2 part episodic prequels to the movie)
• PJ Monsters will probably be getting an update with Trophies and In-game XMB music.

• In the next issue of Qore (July 31)
-Invitation to the Resistance 2 Beta starting in late September. People who preorder the game will be able to access it earlier like SOCOM.
-We Get Deep into DC Online, Including an Exclusive Art Gallery.
-Featured Story: Audrey Cleo is Living the Life in NBA 09: The Inside.
-Going Hollywood: Veronica Belmont hits the WB Backlot to Get an Intimate Look at Lego Batman.

• PS3 Store Sale - For one week, the following are $4.99 (regularly priced at $9.99):
-High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
-High Velocity Bowling
-PixelJunk Monsters
-Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

Reposted Announcements:
• FYI: Rock Band tracks are often available inside the in-game store earlier in the day before the rest of the store update goes live.
• Wipeout HD delayed until later in the year due to a technical problem that they are having a hard time fixing.

• PSN Video Store is UP! To get to it, enter the PS Store and click the Video Store button on the top left, close to where the "Store Top" button is.
-Store updated weekly on Tuesday nights.
-SD movies upscale.
-TV shows for purchase - $1.99
-SD and HD movies for rent - $2.99 - $5.99
-SD movies for purchase - $9.99 - $14.99 to purchase
-HD movies for purchase - WILL NOT BE RELEASED

I'm not going to be keeping track of the movie stuff in this thread.

/!\ NOW UP!

► 1942: Joint Strike ($9.99)
► Parappa the Rapper (PSP) ($22.99)
► Siren: Blood Curse ($39.99)
-3 episodes available separately @ $15 each

► PixelJunk Eden

► Guitar Hero III: Guitar Virtuoso Pack ($6.25)
-“Surfing with the Alien” as performed by Joe Satriani
-“For the Love of God” as performed by Steve Vai
-“Soothsayer” as performed by Buckethead

► Rock Band
-"Devour" - Shinedown ($1.99)
-"Junkies for Fame" - Shinedown ($1.99)

Nine Inch Nails Track Pack 02 ($1.99 each or $5.49 for all 3)
-Capital G


► Bionic Commando Rearmed
-The Making of Part 1
► PixelJunk Eden
► Street Fighter IV
-E3 2008 Gameplay Trailer
-PS3 Special Trailer

► Fracture Wallpapers (x4)
► Killzone 2 Wallpapers (2 for PS3 & 2 for PSP)
► PixelJunk Eden Wallpaper
► Siren: Blood Curse Theme
► Siren Wallpapers (x5)
► Street Fighter IV Summer 08 Theme

/!\ Some content not available in every Store. NOW UP!

► Gangs of London (PSP) (€19,99 - £14.99)
► Siren: Blood Curse (£19.99 - €29.99) (9.8GB)
-4 Episodes available separately @ £6.99 - €9.99 each (3GB)

► Echochrome

► Guitar Hero III
-Virtuoso Pack (€5,99 - £3.99 - AU$9.99)
Joe Satriani - “Surfing with the Alien”
Steve Vai - “For the Love of God”
Buckethead - “Soothsayer”

► Linder in Shadows
► PixelJunk Eden
► Siren Blood Curse

► PixelJunk Eden - wallpapers

-Hot To The Power Of Fire
-Munich: Goth Time
-Spellbind: Champagne
-Spellbind: Kings And Queens
-Spellbind: Soapbox Race
-Interview Spellbind


PSone GAMES - ¥600 each
► Chocobo stallion
► Grille logic
► Arkanoid returns
► Yamasa Digi Selection DX
► Dice de chocobo

► Infinite Loop (PSP) - this seems to be different from the one that went up last week.

► Initial D Extreme Stage
-New car (free)
► Mainichi Isshou
-July Update (free)
► Minna no Golf
-Costume Set Vol.3 (¥600)
► Turok
-Additional Map Pack (¥800)

► Battlefield Bad Company
► Disgaea 3
► Extreme Stage
► Street Fighter IV


○ Closed Beta Expansion (Summer)
○ Official Release (Fall)

GAMES for Europe only (already released in the US)

► Novastrike (August)
► Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus

GAMES Q3 (July - September)

► Bionic Commando: Rearmed
► EyeCreate 2
► Kart Attack
► PixelJunk Eden (US/JPN/EU: July 31st)
► PowerUp Forever
► Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty ($14.99)
► Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

GAMES Q4 (October - December) or Unknown

► SOCOM: Confrontation (US: October 14th)

► Alien Sports: Minigolf
► Assault Heroes
► Burn Zombie Burn
► Cinnamon Beats
► Codename Cops Maxim Pinball
► Crash Commando
► Dark Mist (Not yet rated by ESRB, might not be coming out in North America, does have posters inside the North American version of the Home beta. There might still be hope.)
► Fat Princess
► Jeopardy
► The Last Guy
► Linger in Shadows
► Massive Action Game (might be PSN?)
► Mega Man 9 ($9.99)
► Penny Arcade Adventures
► PixelJunk Dungeons
► Plunder
► Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Platic
► Red Baron Arcade
► Sarah's Emergency Room
► Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer
► Switchball
► Underfire
► Wipeout HD

GAME CONTENT (DLC, add-ons, updates)

► Battlefield: Bad Company
○ Conquest Mode
► Burnout Paradise
○ Codename Davis (info) (August)
○ Codename Eastwood (info) (Fall)
○ Air planes (Fall/Winter)
► Novastrike
○ Difficulty rebalanced, increase size of player's ship (free) (August)
&#9675; Amusement Park and new modes (<$5.99)

• Games that are out already and have confirmed trophy patches coming:
&#9658; Burnout: Paradise
&#9658; Novastrike (August)
&#9658; PAIN
&#9658; PJ Monsters
&#9658; Uncharted (August)

PSone GAMES rated by ESRB (US)

&#9658; Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
&#9658; Castlevania Chronicles
&#9658; Pandemonium
&#9658; Street Fighter Alpha
&#9658; Suikoden
&#9658; Super Buster Brothers Collection
&#9658; Wipeout XL

PSone GAMES rated by PEGI (Europe)

&#9658; Bust a Groove
&#9658; Crash Bandicoot 3
&#9658; Colony Wars
&#9658; Cool Boarders 2
&#9658; Cool boarders 3
&#9658; Destruction Derby 2
&#9658; Devil Dice
&#9658; Everybody's Golf
&#9658; Klonoa
&#9658; Kurushi Final
&#9658; Motor Toon Grand Prix
&#9658; Namco Museum 1
&#9658; Namco Museum 2
&#9658; Namco Museum 4
&#9658; Omega Boost
&#9658; Ridge Racer
&#9658; Ridge Racer Type 4
&#9658; Rollcage
&#9658; Spyro: Year of the Dragon
&#9658; Tekken 2
&#9658; Tekken 3
&#9658; Twisted Metal
&#9658; Vib Ribbon
&#9658; WipEout 2097
&#9658; Wip3out

/!\ Content not available on the North American Stores.


&#9658; Dark Mist (€7,99 - £4.99)

PSone GAMES (€4,99 - £3.49 each)

&#9658; Bishi Bashi Special
&#9658; Command & Conquer
&#9658; Command & Conquer: Red Alert
&#9658; Crash Team Racing
&#9658; Fade to Black
&#9658; G-Police
&#9658; Hardcore 4x4
&#9658; Judge Dredd
&#9658; Street Skater
&#9658; Syphon Filter 3
&#9658; Theme Hospital
&#9658; Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six


&#9658; Dark Sector - theme & wallpaper
&#9658; Haze - wallpaper
&#9658; Heavenly Sword - theme
&#9658; Killzone 2 - theme
&#9658; MotorStorm - theme & wallpaper
&#9658; Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - theme
&#9658; SingStar - theme
&#9658; Snakeball - theme
&#9658; Tekken 5 - wallpaper
&#9658; Manga theme


&#9658; Lair (1.9 GB)


&#9658; Dark Mist - theme
&#9658; Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - wallpaper


&#9658; Armored Core: For Answer
&#9658; Battle Fantasia
&#9658; Fatal Inertia EX
&#9658; Go! Sports Ski
&#9658; Heavenly Sword ("Kai")
&#9658; G1 Jockey 4 2007
&#9658; Imabikisou
&#9658; Record of Agarest
&#9658; Yakuza 3 (2 demos)


&#9658; XI[sai]


&#9658; Dark Mist (¥800)
&#9658; Fatal Inertia EX (¥3600)
&#9658; Mainichi Issho (thread) (free)

PSone GAMES (¥600 each)

Complete list under PSone-Klassiker in this thread by junkiexxl at

Instructions on how to create a Japanese PSN account and buy Japanese PSN cards can be found in the "PSN Content 2007 - 'almost' Comprehensive List" thread.

A translation of the main categories (thanks to Zoe):

07/17/08 (games: EA Football Live Draft tracker, Rayman (PS1), Star Trek:Tactical Assault (PSP) + demos: Elefunk, Naruto + DLC: RB, SSD HD + themes: R2, SCIV)
07/10/08 (demos: Siren: Blood Curse, Monster Madness, Prince Caspian, Wall-E + DLC: Burnout, RB, R6V2)
07/03/08 (Qore 2 + DLC: GH3 and RB)
06/26/08 (demos: Hot Shots Golf, Top Spin 3 + DLC: GH3, RB, Pain)
06/19/08 (demos: Fatal Inertia EX, Hail to the Chimp, Commando 3, NCAA 09 + games: Fatal Inertia + DLC: GH3, RB, HSG + MGS4 Database)
06/12/08 (demos: Enemy Territory Quake Wars + games: Syphon Filter 3 game (PSone) + DLC: GH3, RB)
06/05/08 (demos: Battlefield Bad Company, NASCAR 09, Civilization Revolution + DLC: GH3, RB + Qore #1)
[url=]2007 - "almost" Comprehensive List (includes Japanese PSone games)

(All contain BC updates)

07/08/08 - 2.41 (Streamlined FW updating and new icon for platinum trophies)
07/02/08 - 2.40 (In-game XMB, Trophies, new Store view mode, friends limit increased to 100, better DivX support, upscaling of videos on the HDD, MP3 Surround support)
06/18/08 - 2.36 (Improved system stability when playing select PlayStation format software titles)
05/14/08 - 2.35 (Improved stability of some PS3 titles)
04/14/08 - 2.30 (PS Store revamped, DTS-HD-MA and DTS-HD audio codec support added)
03/24/08 - 2.20 (Blu-Ray profile 2.0 support, DVD/BD resume play, browser improved, DIVX support enhanced, PSP/PS3 remote play and connectivity enhanced)
03/12/08 - 2.17 (Stability for online gaming improved)
12/17/07 - 2.10 (DIVX and WMV codec support, BD 1.1 support, voice modulation, PS1 games playable via remote play)
11/19/07 - 2.01 (Stability and bug fixes for issues with 2.00)
11/07/07 - 2.00 (New sorting options for video & game, photo & audio playlist support, view videos while downloading, store & browser faster, new Flash version, Information board)
10/23/07 - 1.94 (Included on R&C disk - enables Dual Shock 3 support)
09/12/07 - 1.93 (Fix for Warhawk and PSN connection issues)
09/03/07 - 1.92 (Quicker XMB loading, web browser improvements, bug fixes)
07/23/07 - 1.90 (XMB Backgrounds, CD upsampling, can change PS1/PS2 video settings in-game, XMB game list sorting)
06/27/07 - 1.82 (Included AVC high profile support)
06/13/07 - 1.81 (fixed "full" option not sticking on RGB)
05/23/07 - 1.80 (PSX/PS2/DVD Upscaling, DNLA streaming, BLU-RAY 720p, Memory Card adapter functionality improved)
04/18/07 - 1.70 (Rumble for PS1/PS2, PS1 downloads playable on PS3)
03/22/07 - 1.60 (BG downloading, Folding@Home, Europe BC Enabled)

• NeoGAF Official PS3 Custom Theme Thread (Lots of cool stuff, Send your thanks to m0dus and the other contributors)
• The Official m0dus PS3 theme thread.
• : PC access to a PlayStation Store for PSP[/url]


akachan ningen said:
:lol so the wrestlers are dead forever then?

Does anyone know when the socom beta starts?
I take it they're not in the banner this week. Is that David Reeves shopped onto the zombies body? I missed the lulz. :( PEACE.


dallow_bg said:
Is this true?
Yup. I have that PSU email. R2 beta is our carrot this month. Looks like ep3 is mine. Then again, I still have ep1, and sure as hell didn't get my SOCOM beta code yet. :( PEACE.


That throwing stick stunt of yours has boomeranged on us.
Exclusive to Qore Ep 03: An
Invitation to the Resistance 2 Beta.
(Scheduled to be Available in late

when is the Socom beta going live? Or has it already? Almost forgot about that.


&#9658; Siren Blood Curse

in the EU are actually wallpapers I'm pretty sure, characters is just the columns with the characters in one, the Hanunda one is rather nice


Have they said if they will do some kind of scaling price on Siren. Say if I buy episode 1 tonight and then if I like it and want to buy the rest will I be able to buy 2-4 for maybe $35?

Edit: Don't buy Qore for the R2 beta you can get in by preordering the game.
dallow_bg said:
Shouldn't Eden be listed under "games" as well?

If it came out today. but it's just the demo.

Oh. and PJE WILL [if there isn't a delay anywhere] be released WORLDWIDE that's including Europe


Wow.. what a huge response to my blog entry today!

To answer a few of the queries, the July 31st release date is worldwide (touch wood), I think this even means Australia.

This is NOT the last game in the series, by a long shot. However, we are going to be secret - we actually work on a lot of ideas and already have a “lost work” (ie. a title we cancelled halfway through development because it just wasn’t working the way we wanted it to)

I also heard there will be another blog entry tomorrow with some more info from the team at Santa Monica.

Oh and there will be a demo for the EU store too for a change! (a first for a PixelJunk game)
I think that will go up simultaneously with the full game next week.

I really can’t see anyone not buying it after playing the demo ;-)
(but I am bound to say that, right?)

Thanks for the TON of fan-mail we have been getting by the way - I try to answer most of them directly but if some got missed I apologize.


Pimpwerx said:
I take it they're not in the banner this week. Is that David Reeves shopped onto the zombies body? I missed the lulz. :( PEACE.

I didn't use the silhouette, but they're in there.

running zombie = Ric Flair
arm = MVP
levious said:
I hope the "lost work" isn't PixelJunk Dungeons.

maybe but who knows. Wasn't dungeon supposed a dungeon crawler? not really unique unless they took our mp3 and generated a level from it :lol


nods at old men
DMPrince said:
If it came out today. but it's just the demo.

Oh. and PJE WILL [if there isn't a delay anywhere] be released WORLDWIDE that's including Europe

Haha, somehow I got it into my head that today was the last day of the month.


Hmm...Qore seems to be paying off a bit. Naruto, Socom and Resistance betas, DC Universe stuff and Lego Batman. All makes me happier about the 25 bucks spent.

Other then that not much this week. Not to interested in Eden.


Goldrusher said:
I didn't use the silhouette, but they're in there.

running zombie = Ric Flair
arm = MVP
Thanks. I thought the color on the arm was a bit too vibrant for Siren, but I couldn't tell the face. First one I haven't gotten. :( PEACE.


The Siren demo was pretty good. How long is the whole shebang? Anyone know?

And and because it's required of all PSN fanboys like myself: ZOMG PIXELJUNK EDEN!!!1 :D
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