PlayStation Store to get new look in October

Feb 12, 2009
As long as they get rid of the insanely bright ass backgrounds that make the text unreadable, I'm fine with with the new look.


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Feb 14, 2009
Not sure what you mean. It takes like 5 seconds max after clicking on the icon.
It depends on your download speed, it would seem. But loading images, loading the tiles, loading EVERYTHING a single-tile at a time takes FOREVER. I dunno what the problem is but there has to be a better storefront method than loading images a bit at a time, having the X confirm prompt having to be smashed for the GUI to even recognize "YES I WANT TO DRILL DOWN" (and vice-versa for "NO, I WANT TO GO BACK UP") etc. The PSN store is AWFUL in comparison to the XBL and Steam marketplace in terms of responsiveness.
Dec 28, 2011
more space for marketing and advertising and less space for browsing.

I did not think they could make the browsing experience worse, but it seems they have managed to do just this.

lets hope it looks and works better live than it does in these shots
Nov 9, 2007
Please include a store I can browse on my pc.

Navigating stores on a console is the worst thing ever.
this, can't they do it like android phones where I can browse apps from pc web browser, and when I buy or install some app, my phone will automatically download it. I want to browse ps store on pc and when I buy/download stuff, it automatically added to my ps3 queue. next time I turn on ps3, it'll dl it automatically, or even better, have a remote start option and when I buy ps game from pc, it'll automatically turn on ps3 and start downloading.
Nov 9, 2007
advertising games is important, online store frontpage is just like retail store shelf space, limited space and you have to choose which game got displayed on the front page, because those games have better chance to be bought.
Jan 22, 2010
South Africa
Nice. Hope they enhance the download list so I can sort by type of download. Hell it might even be a nice idea if you had a different section for the PS+ stuff. And I wouldn't mind if they added the ability to auto-add everything 'free' from the PS+ updates to your download list. Having to add each free item to your download list, to ensure you have access to the item later on, is really retarded.
Apr 20, 2012
Being fair, it's not that hard to find what you want, although Sony need to actually put things in the right place half the time. Download list sorting would be great if you ask me. I don't really want to see that I've downloaded demos in the past.

Would prefer a clear menu for just showing purchases I've made and then maybe even break that down in to PS3/PSN/Minis/PS1/Vita etc
Rant time. I don't understand this "it took me 15 minutes to find the latest download release!" or "I was just getting used to the previous design" statements. It should take you 10 minutes to figure out what you need to know with these store interfaces. I agree that the current store is shit. So many added features and promotions that just don't fit in the format they created so long ago, but guess what? New Releases, PSN+ Section, Search is all you really need to know. Same goes for the 360. The New Releases, or alphabetical sections will get you what you want every time. I might accept an argument for the interfaces needing to be fixed for the average user, but NeoGAF users shouldn't really have trouble. Sorry Jeff Green.

I do like shiny new things though.
Oct 18, 2006
Every game needs to have a "portal" where you can find everything related to that game.
Right now, everything is all over the place. Demos have no links to the full game, full games have no list of DLC, trailers aren't linked to the games, etc. It's a mess.
Jan 16, 2007
maybe that is why they cannot be bothered fixing the missing boxes (the items won´t load, especially in the Plus section) on the EU store.
There's a bit more to it than that; it looks like there's a row of 'blanks' followed by a row of content where you can't see the icons (but if you move the cursor over it, the details appear on the left); sometimes if you scroll down so the row of blanks scrolls off the top, the icons appear for the following row.

The row of blanks is odd, because it's *exactly* a row. That's not something you'd expect to come about by accident if the fault is in the item objects themselves; but then the count of objects found is accurate *including* the blanks, which suggests that the blanks are actual item objects of some sort.

I would *love* to have a poke around the code that does this, because I can't for the life of me figure out how something like this could happen by accident.
Aug 15, 2010
Just leave XMB alone Sony.
What's that got to do with anything?

Anyway, I hope to god this redesign isn't just a little one because the PS Store is in desperate need of a complete redesign. They need to:
  1. Make it more consistent with their systems GUIs (so XMB on PS3 and LiveArea on Vita), which'll obviously mean that they have to make two different GUIs for it.
  2. Make all the stupid categories (alphabetical, genre, etc) just simple sorting options that you can change with a button.
  3. Instead of systematically placing content in folders (often screwing things up and accidentally removing content), base the entire thing around tags. This can link into the above system, as you'll have content type (dlc, full game, etc), system, developer, publisher, genre, etc all available to be sorted between.
  4. All supported systems (PSP, Vita and/or PS3) clearly displayed for every piece of content.
  5. Have game pages for every game, with all content (the game itself, DLC, demos, trailers, themes, etc) easily available on it and a blurb describing the game. Basically what Steam does.
  6. Get rid of the stupid clutter. Latest/New Releases should be NEW CONTENT, not the palce where you throw EVERY FUCKING THING because that's the most visited section on the store.
  7. More use of the screen space. There's a lot of wasted space on the screen and using it doesn't mean they'll just clutter the screen up, they can of course just spread things out a bit more.
  8. Both a content name and a game name. This isn't a problem for actual games or maybe even the US store (I don't know) but SCEE often just labels DLC by the name of the DLC itself, leaving absolutely no clue what game it's for because it can't fit into the label in some European countries. So the solution is simple. Have two labels, content name and then the game name displayed under it.
  9. A search option that's actually useful. Slowly scrolling through a list is pretty annoying.
  10. Let me see what my friends have bought.
  11. This has been mentioned already but jesus christ, sorting the download list.

I'm sure there's plenty more but those are the ones that immediately came to me because the current store sucks. There's also the whole idiotic separation between the SCEE, SCEA and SCEI stores but it's Sony, they'll never get their act together on that front.
Dec 5, 2008
I'm sick of slow ass updates every damn time I sign into PSN. Seriously. Not having to do that would be worth more to me than every marginal new feature the updates add combined.
There's literally one update every few months, if that. Stop overreacting, or use some common sense. Throw the PS3 on to update while you're in the shower or something. Jesus.
Feb 2, 2010
At UK PS3 Slim site, Sony removed information about new PlayStation Store redesign. They want to keep it secret or maybe there won't any redesign after all.
I'm glad Sony are continuing their tradition of being open and communicative with their customer base and taking on board feedback to make for a more rewarding experience.
You can bypass that by hitting PS Button then go to messages then you can view them. It only says you have to close if you want to see a persons individual message for an odd reason
HOME button doesn't work at all when you are on the store.

I would really like to see what I'm already downloading and cancel some of necessary, see how much HDD space I have left and delete some stuff without having to leave the store.